Hit and run in Ikeja City Mall


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Ever since the Lagos State government paved the way for Ikeja’s first modern shopping mall, Lagosians have come out in their hundreds to queue shop in Shoprite for bread while others go to window shop, loiter around the walkways, and … Continue reading

Entry #13 – Supermarket Search

I went through my blog stats and noticed someone had done a search for ‘big supermarkets in Nigeria’ – I don’t know if the visitor wants to do a tour of the country for the best bargains or if the visitor is collating info for some research project or thesis. I only know of 2 big supermarkets in Lagos (where I reside). They are Shoprite (along Lekki, at the first roundabout) and Park ‘N’ Shop (Victoria Island). I hope that helps…and I hope this information is not a case of ‘too little too late’

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