Seven degrees of separation

Seven degrees of separation

This post is a self-challenge to combine seven random post titles of other blogs I follow into my post and create a random story. Consequently this post links to other bloggers and is an attempt at closing the separation gap. Enjoy my seven degrees of separation.

When you have a week half as busy as mine, you start thinking of what you can do to unwind. But there is always my trusty liquour cabinet; to be honest there’s no cabinet. I do have a decent collection including whimsical whisky, vociferous vodka and randy rum. They all sit on top of an upper kitchen cabinet just barely within my 6 foot reach. That’s because I was dealing with enough work thoughts clustering my mind. So coping with the brain fog that comes with a certain degree of alcohol consumption wasn’t exciting. Slouched in my comfy rocking chair, in my soporific state I began nodding off contemplating, ‘to drink or not to drink?’

I went into a deep sleep and had the strangest dream. I was walking to my fridge to get something to nibble on. On coming back to my living room I met one of my former bosses dressed in a hippie outfit and seated on my rocking chair. We didn’t always see eye to eye because I was 6ft tall and he wasn’t. He was eating from a bag of what looked like  white mushrooms. With a sheepish smile he was offering me some and I foolishly obliged. He laughed as I was falling to the floor and losing consciousness.

It was feeling like I was going into a dream within a dream like in the movie Inception. It was either that or I was experiencing the Afterlife. Getting back on my feet, I was no longer in my living room. I didn’t know where the f*** I was. Pinching myself, I couldn’t feel the pain. So that must have meant that I was still asleep. I was struggling with waking up! How do you wake up from a dream you’re no longer interested in?

Well you can ask one of my ex-girlfriends who appeared out of nowhere. She embraced me and said something cryptic, ‘Memories are the key not to the past but to the future’. I was perplexed. However, as she was walking away she assured me, ‘It’s all in the message’. Like a flash of light it was clear what I had to do.

I closed my eyes, digging deep into every good memory from my childhood to adulthood. Regaining consciousness, I was lying down on my living room floor. Knowing what was real or imaginary became a dilemma. As I was feeling my pockets for my phone I could feel soft pieces of something. I pulled out a white mushroom whose origin was still a mystery. Only one thing was ringing true – Thrills are not for me.

If you like this challenge then choose the title of seven random posts and create your story titling it ‘seven degrees of separation’ – it’s tougher than you think 🙂

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