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30 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Tonwa,
    its Good to see your new post, that means that you are ok, any news about Natachi?, is she planning to pay for the book cover design and interior illustrations?, any reply from you would help, i need to take action at elance board, hope to get any reply from you soon

    yours, ammar

    • Hi Ammar. She’s gotten a friend who’s going to pay through me and then I can fund Elance. Should be all sorted this week. Pardon this undue delay; really not my style. Will keep you posted. Rgds,

      • God! Thank you for your reply, it is your communication that I need, I am sorry to if there was a change in my attitude, I try to play the cool guy for a while, but honestly the situation, the delay, not knowing your friend…makes the other side of my brain keeps bringing other ideas!
        Thanks again, please keep me updated, I ll keep checking this post if it is easy for you to communicate here. yours, ammar

  2. Dear Tonwa, thank you for your last messages, i have sent you the required amount needed $400. again thank you for your communication and please keep me updated if possible
    yours, ammar

    • Hi Ammar. Sadly, no. She hasn’t transferred to me so I can transfer to you. I’m sending reminders. She feels really bad about the delay. I’ve told her this should not go into 2014

  3. Tonwa, thank you for your effort and for the previous update and “Merry Christmas and happy new year!”
    please keep me updated further…yours, ammar

    • Hi Ammar. I’ve been keeping a close tab on things. He’s due to receive a payment from which he’ll pay me the balance. My account is already part funded. I’ll ask if he wants to pay the balance in dollars. Thanks for your patience

      • Hi again Ammar. I’ve got all the funds ready so it’s just me you have to contend with. It’s a public holiday tomorrow but I’ll see if I can fund my sterling account online so I can effect your transfer. We’re nearly there 🙂

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