Hit and run in Ikeja City Mall

ICMEver since the Lagos State government paved the way for Ikeja’s first modern shopping mall, Lagosians have come out in their hundreds to queue shop in Shoprite for bread while others go to window shop, loiter around the walkways, and most commonly taking selfies by the escalator. For 9-to-5 people like me, coming to the mall is usually only feasible on weekends. The only problem with that is that there’s a lot of us who choose to visit the mall on Saturday and therefore have to endure the ordeal of circling the entire car park looking for an available parking space. This in itself is a skill which requires Hawk-eyes (to find a motorist who’s about to leave), Cunning (to position your car better than other cunning motorists) and Speed (to zoom into the parking space before a faster motorist does).

Earlier today I was in this exact situation, cunningly waiting a few feet from a parking space I was quick to spot and ready to speed into. Unfortunately, the motorist who was reversing out of this space was a bit hasty and clipped the front of a parked Mercedes-Benz. I watched in horror as the irresponsible motorist came out of her car, examined the damage and tried to press the bumper back into place, then driving off into the sunset. 

I parked in the free space and when I came out of my car I examined the accident for myself – it was a graze that took off some of the body work. I could tell that the car was recently spray-painted because it was quite spotless everywhere else but not with the sheen of a new car. I pondered what the Crazy Nigerian would do – I wouldn’t want to come back to my car and find a scratch that wasn’t there and also no explanation about how it got there. As crazy as it may sound I would actually write down a note and include my phone number on a piece of paper then leave it visibly under the wiper of the windshield so the driver would notice it. The note would say: “So sorry I hit your car. Please call me on xxxx xxxxxxx so I can pay for damages”. Well what do you think you would do if you hit a car with no sign of the owner to accuse and hurl insults at you? Would you do a hit and run or find a way to correct your wrong? Be honest 🙂



7 thoughts on “Hit and run in Ikeja City Mall

  1. See this kind moral dilemma. The good girl in my mind is saying “i’ll a note.” But the evil me can’t even share what’ll happen. Should I be in such a shituation, I pray to God my conscience pricks me into doing the right thing.

    • You’re welcome. It all starts with wanting to be treated like how would want to be treated. Therein lies the creativity in going the extra mile for someone else 🙂

    • That’s what I like to hear! Just imagine if someone else responded to that situation the same way if he/she hit your car you would be in awe. Nice one Charles

  2. I go jaaaaaaar!
    If they don’t catch me why should i wait i could leave a note saying sorry but i don’t see my self dropping my number o
    But i really cant tell till i actually bash someone car!
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