And if hell doesn’t freeze over…


…you can bet Niagra falls will!

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The Crazy Nigerian storms City 105.1FM


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Last Sunday evening at about 5pm, I was interviewed by On-Air-Personality extraordinaire ‘Westside’ on the Lagos city’s radio station that never sleeps – City 105.1FM. It was more of a ‘trilogue’ as I was interviewed alongside the CEO of Orbit … Continue reading

10 Day YOU Challenge: 1 Photo

Day 10 – Hosanna in the higest! I have come to the end of this feat (phew!). This should be by far the easiest challenge of them all. Most of my readers may recognize me as the distinguished gentleman with the bow tie but today I shall reveal a bit more. Behold, the Crazy Nigerian…

Fast forward to 2011 and I’ve not got the curly hair, the rosy cheeks or the double chin. But I’ve still got those sexy mean eyebrows though 😀

That’s all folks! The usual blogging will resume shortly…