The Crazy Nigerian storms City 105.1FM

Last Sunday evening at about 5pm, I was interviewed by On-Air-Personality extraordinaire ‘Westside’ on the Lagos city’s radio station that never sleeps – City 105.1FM. It was more of a ‘trilogue’ as I was interviewed alongside the CEO of Orbit Imagery, Ayobami Macaulay – who’ll be handling my upcoming photo shoot (I’m sure my shiny head will save him having to worry about using flash).


The interview, though short, was witty and playful. I felt really relaxed and enjoyed giving snippets of my book e.g. trauma of going bald, hearing ghosts and my drunken blunders, which Westside admitted he could relate to. When prompted, I also shared how I went about publishing my book with the help of Authorhouse and I also encouraged listeners to write down stories with hopes of publishing in future.


Of course, no radio interview is complete without hyping yourself or your product. I did exactly that, directing Lagos to my website (feel free to click on the link juuuuuust to be sure you’re in the right place, lol). At the end of the show my girlfriend (and Samsung Note Camera expert) showed me the pictures you’re seeing on this article. I parted with one autographed copy of my book which Westside appreciated (and I nearly parted with his pen but fortunately made a quick recovery before leaving the studio).


Sadly, some of my contacts tuned in minutes after my interview was over. Hopefully there will be other interviews lined up in the coming weeks and be sure to tune in then and wait patiently as my voice may not be heard from the exact time slot I’m given. It goes without saying that self/book promotion is not easy; it’s gradual, it’s time-consuming but so far it’s been a lot of FUN! This is the crazy Nigerian signing out…

Photo credits: L.M aka The Crazy Nigerian’s girlfriend 😀






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    • No worries Timie, I promise to get a video recording for my next radio interview this time and will upload for all my blog fans to enjoy. Till then, fingers crossed! Love the ‘Ahuuuuu!!!!’ hailing (reminiscent of 300, me thinks) ><

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