Christmas day bomb shakes Nigeria’s capital

The nation got quite an unexpected package delivered around a Catholic Church in Abuja this morning – it was a lethal bomb which exploded and killed at least 25 people this morning on the last count. Sadly, the death toll is rising. Another report I saw on Skynews confirmed that there was also an explosion in Jos – another state in the savannah belt of Nigeria. Whilst no one believes that Santa Claus would do this on his day, the prime suspect on everybody’s lips is the Notorious BHG (Boko Haram Group). Who else would perpetrate such a despicable act on a day commemorating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Now it seems that on the Gloom & Doom calendar will read as follows on December 25th and 26th: remembrance of victims who died in the Abuja-Jos bomb blast; and remembrance of victims who died in the Tsunami at Indonesia. This ugly episode would definitely leave a bitter taste in the mouths of both resident and non-resident Nigerians. I’ve noticed that unlike yesterday the traffic on the roads in Lagos is virtually non-existent. Is it because everybody is too busy celebrating Christmas indoors or is it because nobody wants to venture out into crowded places for fear of getting blown into smitherings? Hope all of you reading this article remain safe. It is a crazy world we live in…

Full story available from Reuters Africa