Christmas day bomb shakes Nigeria’s capital

The nation got quite an unexpected package delivered around a Catholic Church in Abuja this morning – it was a lethal bomb which exploded and killed at least 25 people this morning on the last count. Sadly, the death toll is rising. Another report I saw on Skynews confirmed that there was also an explosion in Jos – another state in the savannah belt of Nigeria. Whilst no one believes that Santa Claus would do this on his day, the prime suspect on everybody’s lips is the Notorious BHG (Boko Haram Group). Who else would perpetrate such a despicable act on a day commemorating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Now it seems that on the Gloom & Doom calendar will read as follows on December 25th and 26th: remembrance of victims who died in the Abuja-Jos bomb blast; and remembrance of victims who died in the Tsunami at Indonesia. This ugly episode would definitely leave a bitter taste in the mouths of both resident and non-resident Nigerians. I’ve noticed that unlike yesterday the traffic on the roads in Lagos is virtually non-existent. Is it because everybody is too busy celebrating Christmas indoors or is it because nobody wants to venture out into crowded places for fear of getting blown into smitherings? Hope all of you reading this article remain safe. It is a crazy world we live in…

Full story available from Reuters Africa


10 thoughts on “Christmas day bomb shakes Nigeria’s capital

  1. It is truly sad that some people are bent on killig innocent lives just to prove their point. They are definitely evil people who do not have the fear of God in their hearts. If it is the notorious BHG, I cannot understand why the security forces appear rather confused in dealing with the matter.

    May God comfort the bereaved families and heal the injured.

  2. My condolences go out to the families of those who have died and my best wishes for a speedy recovery to those to have been injured…
    It’s one of the great sadnesses of the world that an acidic, greedy, violent few human beings care so little for their fellow man that they are prepared to do things like this, and that they find an evil satisfaction in killing and maiming innocent men, women and children apparently “justified” by their “cause”.
    They are wrong, nothing justifies this type of cowardly action.
    I can only hope that “justice” is dished out to them, either in this world or the next, in proportion to their evil deeds.
    My heart goes out to those who are suffering right now… stay strong, people around the world ARE thinking of you and wishing you well.
    HUGS this Christmas… Kiwi

    • Thanks KiwiD. Bringing the innocent dead back to life would make the affected families forget the hurt but as it is now I’m sure there’s hurt and frustration with the government’s lack of involvement. I wonder sometimes if I can bring children into this evil world. What’s even more worrying is that we have this compulsory 1-year service (NYSC) that graduates must complete before becoming eligible to work in Nigeria. If graduates are posted into the north of Nigeria where such terrorist attacks are on the rise, their lives are at risk. Personally the NYSC programme should be scrapped or such graduates involved should be posted in the south of Nigeria where it’s safer.

  3. I’m beginning to think that the security forces are not really doing anything because there are some ‘untouchables’ involved. What is Goodluck doing??? What did he do the last time the Notorious BHG struck the UN in Abuja??? One thing is for sure – this bloodshed won’t go on for long without repercussions. God help us.

    • It’s really sad and unimaginable. If such terrorists want to get attention they shouldn’t kill innocent people. And they are also cowards for not revealing themselves to the public. They will get there just desserts in due course.

    • I’m sure the real culprits will be revealed in due course. All the Boko Haram activities need financing and masterminding – the ring leader is a coward waiting to be fished out.

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