Entry #39 – Farewell Michael…

As the world sits and watches the grand memorial service held as a solemn tribute to a legend who died before his time, I recall the powerful words said by the reverend, the fun memories told by Brooke Shields, the touching words from his daughter Paris and the closing words from his brother Marlon. Your impact on the world is immeasurable and I can only wish that you stayed just a little bit longer so we could heal the world together.

In your memory I shall always continue to do the Moonwalk whenever and wherever I find a slippery surface. This video from youtube is put here on my blog in your honour to show just how much you touched the hearts of millions. Moonwalk to heaven….R.I.P K.O.P

Entry #36 – Gone too soon

mjThis pic is the way I remembered Michael Jackson as a child and will always remember him. He’s the reason why I would sing or hum a tune in the shower every morning. He’s the reason why I still keep pairs of trousers that have outgrown me. He’s the reason why I body-pop whenever I’m in front of a mirror (alone). He’s the reason why I moonwalk whenever I’m on a slippery surface (again, alone). He’s the reason why most of the CDs in my car don’t get as much airplay on a daily basis. He’s the reason I’ve become a fan of Usher, Chris Brown, Ginuwine, Sisco and Justin Timberlake. He’s the reason I have a romantic, imaginative and sensitive side. He’s the reason I’m writing this impromptu post at 6am in the morning even though I should be getting ready for work. He’s probably the reason why it’s been raining non stop since 4am this morning…and perhaps the reason why it still looks dark outside. He’s the reason why the world is in mourning today. His performances were electrifying and his legacy is unprecedented. For this and generations to come he is a music legend, a dancing maestro, a philanthropist, an icon of our time. He is and will always be remembered as the KING OF POP. Michael, I salute you…I miss you…and I’ll see you Neverland… 🙁

R.I.P Michael J. Jackson (1958-2009)