The Beard: A hot trend or a terrorist threat?

Snapshot_20151223I was apprehended by my landlord earlier today whilst I was on my way out to shoot some 8-ball and it wasn’t to give me some Christmas cheer I assure you. He asked me what I thought about the ongoing crisis in and out of Nigeria i.e. terrorism. I told him it was all rather unfortunate that the present government cannot give the public the assurance that there is adequate security in place. All that was left, I concluded, was to pray for a positive change. He agreed. But what he went on to say was not what I was prepared for. He expressed his concern for my full beard.

Apparently my landlord believes these are dangerous times where my bearded look can easily have me mistaken for a terrorist. I beg to differ. If terrorists could only be identified by beards and this was common knowledge then the directive from government should be thus: ‘Any man caught sporting a full beard will be imprisoned and assumed to be a member of Boko Haram or ISIS‘.

My question now to you dear readers is this – Do you think I should shave my beard off completely come 2016? I’ll put a poll up and leave you to decide for the rest of 2015. The power is in your hands…