Airtel Nigeria sack 3,000 staff; True or False?

I can’t confirm it yet but this is the broadcast message that was sent to my Blackberry 9650 earlier today:

“Patriotic Nigerians, Airtel telecommunications has recently sacked all their customer service agents due to salary disagreement. They were paid N75,000 a month but the new company owners from India have reduced it to N30,000 ($200) with the excuse that they are paid too much cos according a manager in Airtel India is paid N75,000. My fellow Nigerian, about 3,000 workers lost their jobs yesterday a day to our Independence ceebration. Let us join hands together as one and say NO…stop loading your Airtel lines and on th 9th of October everyone having an Airtel should not make call or text…”

I don’t imagine all Airtel users could avoid making any calls or sending a text in order to prove a point. Only time will tell.

Happy Independnce Day to Nigeria! (She’s 51 today)

Pictures coming soon…

Airtel is recruiting! (Beware of scam)

Dear readers,

I would like to bring to your attention the viral text that has flooded Blackberries across Nigeria and beyond. The text reads:

Airtel is recruIting! Apply thru ( Please ensure you pass this on, even if u don’t need it!

^^ That site is FAKE so be warned! If you click on the site you’ll find that the logo is wrong (and it looks like a scanned image). The Airtel logo is supposed to be white with a red background and NOT orange & purple. The real Airtel site is Fraudsters have obviously found a new way of phishing – sending fake recruitment site links through text in order to trap unsuspecting applicants who would go on to provide personal data. Please tell your friends to be careful about giving out personal information on websites without verifying their authenticity. DON’T BE A VICTIM!!!

Entry #70 – Reconnect me!

It’s Day 1 after the ‘shoenapping’ saga and I have had a relatively stress-free day. Subscribers to the Zain telecommunication network in Nigeria would have had a rude awakening yesterday as the fifth in a series of transitions took place. Zain has metamorphosisized from Econet to VMobile to Celtel to Zain and now…wait for it…Bharti Airtel! Virtually all Zain subscribers had no reception/signal for close to 3hrs this morning and then the welcome messages from Airtel started swarming into cellphones across the country, including mine.

For 3hrs nobody could reach me. I couldn’t make any outgoing calls either. I actually felt…disconnected, vulnerable, lonely, neglected, bitter…no wait, bitter? thats a relapse from my runaway shoes. Honestly I’m fine…I’m obviously just living among a den of thieves. Back to what I was saying – I felt left out. To make matters worse I forgot my Facebook password. I must have tried up to 20 times but I eventually had to reset my password, which was much harder than extracting water from stone. No FB updates, no BB messages, no network for calls, no one knows whether I’m alive! Sure feels good now being plugged back into the ‘Matrix’. I’m back baby!!!

In other news, The Crazy Nigerian has moved up from 9th to 3rd position in Google’s Page ranking (Yaaaay!!!).But like Ludacris I’m gonna ‘scheme scheme plot plot…I’m coming for that number 1 spot!’ 😀