Airtel Nigeria sack 3,000 staff; True or False?

I can’t confirm it yet but this is the broadcast message that was sent to my Blackberry 9650 earlier today:

“Patriotic Nigerians, Airtel telecommunications has recently sacked all their customer service agents due to salary disagreement. They were paid N75,000 a month but the new company owners from India have reduced it to N30,000 ($200) with the excuse that they are paid too much cos according a manager in Airtel India is paid N75,000. My fellow Nigerian, about 3,000 workers lost their jobs yesterday a day to our Independence ceebration. Let us join hands together as one and say NO…stop loading your Airtel lines and on th 9th of October everyone having an Airtel should not make call or text…”

I don’t imagine all Airtel users could avoid making any calls or sending a text in order to prove a point. Only time will tell.

Happy Independnce Day to Nigeria! (She’s 51 today)

Pictures coming soon…

3 thoughts on “Airtel Nigeria sack 3,000 staff; True or False?

  1. ……friends, i received same on my Blackberry too. It’s very disturbing to me whether just a rumor or reality. I really do think we should have a better and more pro-active government than what we are experiencing now.

    In other societies, a voice from the government would have made a media briefing and asking the citizenry to stay calm, but we are never being spoken to for any reason, yet these people owe a lot by way of explanations to the Nigerian on the street.

    We had the same experience with the KILLER NUMBER on the 14 of September 091411 or there about, the telecom service providers had used it as a game plan to deceive Nigerians, all with the aim of making money, but with a fake story that had no truth it, creating panic and tension in an already heated society.

    From which ever angle we look at this, its high time all these issues are brought to a stop. Our government must chose the path of responsibility and the service providers must be answerable to every Nigerian for every service we get from them.

    • Yeah, and I learnt that NLC (Nigeria Labour Congress) was shutting down operations in Abuja. It seems like everything has been sorted now – My service still works!

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