Hats at the Royal wedding of Prince William & Kate

I couldn’t honor my invitation to Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s royal wedding since I didn’t get time off work. But I’m sure they were too busy to notice. Speaking of getting noticed, the hats below seem like they were pulled back from the year 2079 by Michael J. Fox…

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Entry #68 – Prince William, Kate Middleton and the engagement ring

Whilst I congratulate Prince William on finally proposing to his erstwhile girlfriend whom he’s been with for 8years now, I’m pretty skeptical about his reason for giving Kate an engagement ring that belonged to his late mother Princess Diana.

The only reason Prince William gave was that it was a way to ensure that his late mum did not miss out on any of the excitement. That seems innocent enough. But in my strict opinion this reason is not plausible. Lets not forget that despite sporting a big blue Sapphire rock when Prince Charles proposed, their marriage sure went ahead to be a rocky. Their marriage was a mess,  courtesy of Prince Charles’ infidelity. Why then would Prince William want to impose such a jinx on his impending marriage to Kate? Or is he not superstitious? Looking down the Royal bloodline they’re not exactly boasting of a load of happy weddings: Duchess of York & Prince Andrew, Princess Ann & Andrew Parker Bowles, Prince Charles & Princess Diana, etc. There isn’t a role model in sight for the next king of England it seems.

What I really want to know is what Kate feels about the ring. Is she truly elated about wearing a ring that wasn’t handpicked specially for her? Does she want a constant reminder of Princess Diana on her own finger? Is she just trying to please the Prince since it has taken this long for him to propose (‘ooh, better not stir up anything now else it may be another 8years before he pops the question again’) Is it that she is just as driven as Princess Diana was to become a Princess? I only hope that she keeps that ring on after the wedding because Prince William will definitely be keeping a close eye on that finger (and so will the media).  I also hope Prince William is not planning on using the wedding rings of his parents – that would be the final straw!  I wonder what Kate’s parents think about the ring. I know what some of Sky News reporters think after I watched them converse on yesterday’s breakfast show…

Anyway,  I’ll throw it out in the open – Late mum’s engagement ring from a loveless marriage given to your fiancée. Romantic or not?