Entry #1 – A small victory

Earlier this evening I faced my phobia (yet again) and managed to keep my cool. I killed a cockroach. Sounds trivial, I know. But if you had a phobia for one of those things you’d call me hero. I wasn’t brave enough though to smack it dead with my slippers so I pulled out a can of Insectide (it’s always kept in my bedroom and replaced judiciously). What’s the point of cockroaches anyway? God put them here for a reason but I’m guessing does it go beyond forming part of the food chain…I dunno…for rats? The ones that fly are the real devils. Once some weeks back I had one fly past my my ear. Boy, did that cockroach get it!

I sure miss LondonĀ – I never came across one roach or housefly. Come to think of it, I don’t remember seeing anĀ  ant…all in the last 10years I spent there! Nigeria may have the best climate but boy, the insects appreciate it too. Before I go to bed I usually spray the room 2hrs prior for mosquitoes – those wretched blood sucking, harmonica-sounding, malaria-transmitting, skin irritants!

These days I wake up with a mosquito bite or two so I’m wondering just how effective my insecticide is…hmmm. Malarira is the least of my worries. The symptoms prompt you to take the necessary pills or injections whichever you prefer.

My place is long overdue for a full fumigation session – I guess I’ll add that to my To do list.