The Haven

It all happened so suddenly. There wasn’t any warning…but of course I knew there wouldn’t be. I must have been asleep when all of a sudden there was this f***ing siren blaring – it made me jump out of my skin. It was as is if the car alarms of just about every car in the world went off at once. I leapt out of bed and ran to the window – I didn’t see anything unusual but a few minutes later my neighbours started to come out one by one. I looked ahead in the distance and people were streaming out of their houses – Everyone with a mystified look on their faces. Nobody knew where this annoying sound was coming from but it lasted for a good hour. The power was out…but nobody cared about switching on their generators, strangely enough. I ran downstairs and walked past my neighbours, out of the compound and into the streets where more people swarmed…not in hundreds but in thousands.

And then amidst all the breathing statues something peculiar caught my eye…this little boy…with a look of horror embedded in his face. At first I thought it was just some ugly little kid yawning but this seemed different. The deafening sound was still blaring away so it didn’t occur to me immediately that this little boy was in fact screaming. He was looking around him…like he was looking for someone. I noticed a few other people also had the same horrified look on their faces and some were even holding their hands over their heads and panicking – Thats when I got a glimpse of what was happening – people were disappearing.

There were probably about 3 distinct faces I saw around me who, in an instant, were nowhere to be seen. The blaring stopped. I could hear that little boy screaming for his mummy now. People were frantically trying to use their mobile phones but there was no signal on every single network. All the cars along the roads had also come to a stand-still. There was hysteria – shouting, crying, cursing, praying…and then there was a rumbling…like thunder but magnified by a hundred. I looked up to the clouds like everyone else and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

It looked like the clouds were…extraordinarily animated…like something was about to burst out of them…and the cloud started inching its way closer and closer to the earth – that was when absolute chaos broke out. Everyone was trying to hide from the abominable cloud. Some ran into buildings. Some dived into gutters. I and some others hid flat under stationary cars. Some just kept running. I looked up from my horizontal stance and beheld what seemed like CGI (Computer Generated Graphics). It was a battle in the clouds between two armies all in celestial forms…they only became visible each time there was lightning. There was no blood but every few seconds something large would fall from the sky. One of such objects crashed a few feet from me. It looked human but it had two large stumps protruding from the right and left side of its back. In the sky it seemed bright white but it was now looking burnt to a crisp. More of these creatures were falling from the sky like meteorites. It felt like it would never stop until they had completely covered the earth. I was terrified. This freak thunderstorm wasn’t sending down rain – it was sending down demons…and they weren’t dead.

(to be continued)