~Prevention is better than cure

  • On arrival into Nigeria, you need to get hold of some anti-malarial drugs asap. Malaria can kill but drugs are available in our pharmacies to combat or prevent the attack of the mosquito-borne disease. There is also the option of having a Chloroquine injection administered to you in a hospital as a preventive measure. You would have to register with a hospital first in order to do this.
  • Don’t panic if you get bitten by a mosquito. At worst you are more than likely to just have a sore bite/rash since not all mosquitoes carry the malaria parasite (Follow this link for an animated tutorial). Use a bed net and spray your bedrooms with insecticide e.g. Baygon, Raid, etc as mosquitoes feed at night time.
  • There are also body creams available at local pharmacies that act as a mosquito-repellent. They usually have a pleasant smell and can compliment the use of insectide sprayed around the room.
  • Be wary about living close to stagnant water. This is a breeding ground for mosquitoes, especially lagoon areas. Make sure you only drink filtered water or bottled water (approved by National agency for Food and Drug administration  and control, NAFDAC).