My dainty affair with Coco

slice of happinessThat morning I waited patiently for her to arrive. She was due to waltz into my office any moment. Petit and somewhat delicate, she was coming with an escort. I kept looking at my watch in wild anticipation: 8.14 – hope she’s not caught up in the usual Manic Monday traffic. 8.15 – I hope she looks just the way I pictured her…with nothing on. 8.16 – I hope that…wait…she’s finally here! Her escort left us to be alone. My colleagues were not yet in so I was tempted to ravish Coco – a nickname I gave her before we met in person…except that I was the only person in the equation. You see, Coco was actually a dark chocolate ganache-filled cake courtesy of Dainty Affairs Bakery!

<<My Review>>

Professionalism – Dainty Affairs provided all the information I needed about their cakes in order to help me make an informed choice. No assumptions were made and everything from pricing, delivery date and time was confirmed. They were also careful not to over-promise but rather commit to what they could achieve e.g. Placing of a birthday cake order one day before due date. The semi-transparent white box packaging the cake came in had a unique golden ‘Home baked’ seal which set it apart from the local competition. The company driver who made the delivery was smartly dressed and very courteous in his approach.

Service – Telephone manner was very decent and welcoming. The company representative also recommended an early morning delivery as opposed to my afternoon preference for a very good reason – my cake order contained cream and would thrive better in the cooler hours of the day. Even when their company driver arrived with my cake he reminded me to keep it in the fridge because of the cream content. A follow-up call was made by their company representative to confirm that I had received my order and that everything was to my satisfaction.

Quality – The ingredients tasted fresh and the texture was so soft and fluffy that it would give Vitafoam (Nigeria’s top mattress manufacturers) a run for its money. The rich flavour of dark chocolate cake, chocolate cream and walnuts had the right balance between sweet and piquant. It was a perfect meal, snack and dessert all rolled into one – It was hard trying to resist cutting another huge slice against the will of my belt buckle.


Overall rating: 3/3 (Highly recommended)

To find out for yourself what delicious treats await you, visit their website here. Mmm…yum 😛

12 thoughts on “My dainty affair with Coco

  1. Good lord! What service for a cake! Was it gold plated in a platinum box? It sounds divine, but a follow-up service call on a CAKE delivery? That is above and beyond the call of duty. It sounds divine and I am very jealous. I love the photo of you tucking into it, by the way. 🙂

    • It’ll cost ya, lol. Even if I did plan to send you a taster I would have to think about how to go about it (and I’d be nibbling on the cake in the process until it’s all gone). Tough break :s

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