5 Errors That Event Planners in Nigeria should avoid

banquetIt appears there’s one bandwagon a good number of Nigerian entrepreneurs are jumping into – I call it the EPX (Event Planner Xtravaganza). Everywhere I turn there’s an event planner handling a wedding, book launch, seminar or some other shindig. Clearly the demand outweighs supply because there’s an event at least every weekend somewhere in Nigeria – Good news for event planners; bad news for the host’s bank account. But if you’re going to go into this kind of business you might as well start the product (or should I say service) differentiation early. Five common pitfalls I’ve come across are Continue reading

My dainty affair with Coco


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That morning I waited patiently for her to arrive. She was due to waltz into my office any moment. Petit and somewhat delicate, she was coming with an escort. I kept looking at my watch in wild anticipation: 8.14 – hope … Continue reading