Entry #10 – Unfaithful

I have to come clean on this because it’s been eating me deep inside. I used to have an affair with Facebook. It was fun at first – the pics, the applications, the groups, and of course friends from my teenage years. But recently I’ve been seeing WordPress.com. She seems to understand me better. She gives me everything I need (widgets, stats, HTML shortcuts) to make me happy. I’ve introduced some of my friends to her and they like the effect she’s had on me. Sometimes when I’m busy at work she gathers up all the statistical data I need to analyze my blog performance. I hope Facebook can understand. It’s nothing personal but I can’t change how I feel. We can still be friends and I’ll visit once in a while…but I’m with WordPress.com now – no hard feelings FB J   

3 thoughts on “Entry #10 – Unfaithful

  1. Insightful ! I was just thinking earlier that today was the first day that I didn’t log onto FB until only about an hour ago … does that mean my affair with FB is getting shorter or is my need for being able to express myself on Blogger just starting to get stronger ?

    • just face it – it’s high time you joined B.A. (Bloggers Anonymous). 1st day will be easy, ‘Hi, my name is Jollof and I’m a Blogaholic’ 😀

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