The thing about finding Prince Charming

EP 2 – The thing about finding Prince Charming

Prince CharmingWhenever I hear the word ‘Prince’ my mind flashes back (for some strange reason) to the popular BBC TV series ‘The Prince and the Pauper’ starring the talented Mr. Ripley Nicholas Lyndhurst. Of course, I don’t know any sane woman whose life ambition is partly to marry a poor man. But wealth aside, they usually want a man who is chivalrous – cue Prince Charming.

Now, the statistics (at least in Nigeria) are not too encouraging for single women when you consider the fact that approximately 0.1% of the 160 million inhabitants (1600) would be genuine princes of specific provinces, while you have those cunning Nigerians abroad who try boast of being princes in a bid to elevate their social standing in foreign society (Read ‘Why Africans in America Lie About Being “princes” and “princesses). Let’s face it – if every woman in Nigeria is looking or waiting for a Prince Charming then the odds might be against them. You’d have to be in the right place at the right time, wherever and whenever that may be. Surely there mus be an easier way, right?

Let’s get one thing straight: Mothers are the ones responsible for raising Prince Charming(s). Good moms teach their sons how to be a gentleman and also how to treat a lady. A man who takes good care of his mum is likely to be courteous and generous with his life partner. Women whom are already in a relationship with a man lacking in the ‘Charming’ department need not despair as they can teach old princes new tricks. Yes, the initial spark may have died out but perhaps women could implicitly groom their men to become the Prince Charming they so badly want them to be.

And now let’s remove all doubt as to what constitutes a Prince Charming by citing a couple of scenarios in which we compare him with your regular Joe:

~ Prince Charming would voluntarily open the passenger door of his car for his leading lady

– A regular Joe would walk over to his own side of the car, get in, start the car and then beckon for his girlfriend to hurry up if she still hasn’t gotten into the car by that time.

~ Prince Charming would pull the chair out for his leading lady at a restaurant before going to sit at his.

– A regular Joe…well, I’m sure you know what I’m going to say anyway.

~ Prince Charming would genuinely compliment his partner on how ravishing she looks, when she dresses up for a special outing.

– A regular Joe would have to be prompted by his partner before he digs deep into his creativity and emerges with, ‘You’re fine, dear’ (just brilliant *smh*).

You get my drift, I hope. We men are not all blessed with handsomeness, muscular build complete with the six-pack, Barry White Baritone voice and a fat Swiss bank account but we all have it in us to be Prince Charming…some of us just have to work a bit harder than others 😉

Prince Charming

3 thoughts on “The thing about finding Prince Charming

  1. The prince charming you just described is very far( say a million miles) from what is obtainable now. Some of us girls do not really need all that door opening and chair pulling.
    We just need a guy that will make an EFFORT to woo a girl.
    Guys these days ( the ones I come across) simply do not want to do anything to win a girl’s heart. they just want to sit, beckon and expect the girl to fall at their feet.

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