Why some men cheat

EP 1 – Why some men cheat

Well, the answer is quite simple really – because they can. It’s almost like eating food just because it’s there staring right back at you. Hunger is not the issue; it’s the opportunity being presented that is impossible to resist. Imagine a single man who is in a relationship but thinks with the thing between his legs and not between his ears. If this same man suddenly gets catapulted into immense wealth and starts to have access to celebrity women, then it could only be a matter of time before he begins to wander while his unfortunate partner wonders why he’s out so late, off on too many ‘business trips’ or just not in the mood for bedroom aerobics. If he is in love he wouldn’t want to hurt his partner. In other words, it’s much easier to hurt someone you don’t care about.

Sometimes a man could feel justified to cheat if he suspects or knows he’s been cheated upon at present or in the past. Maybe he’s been lusting for a particular person (e.g. childhood/college friend) who just happened to give him the green light while he was in a new relationship.

A man’s upbringing could also play a major part in how he treats women; if his father showed little respect for women then that could rub off (though it should never be a valid excuse). Some have the ‘RAW’ philosophy that men have been given a (insert ‘P’ word here) and need to conquer as much (insert the other ‘P’ word here) as they can before they die. Sadly such men also believe they’ll never get caught (having one extra phone his partner doesn’t know about, saving the other woman’s name as a male contact, etc but none of these is full proof.

What about what men consider as cheating? That’s a factor in itself. If a man considers sex with another woman as cheating but thinks kissing another woman isn’t, then dare I say it – ‘Houston, we have a problem!’ Even a man spending time with another woman at the expense of his partner is cheating. Men with a conscience know this and usually feel a stroke of guilt.

Some men cheat because they’re not getting what they want from their current relationship but still want to eat their cake and have it. Greed? Most certainly Thoughtlessness? No question about it. Justified? hmmm. If a married man is starved of sex from his wife for a year what is he expected to do? Food for thought…

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20 thoughts on “Why some men cheat

  1. Cheating is cheating. I made a commitment to God to love my wife forever… If I cheat, it’s on that commitment as well. Looked at that way cheating loses a bit of its luster.

    Pun intended. 😉

  2. Personally I think all men have that thing in them that makes them want to cheat. They think about cheating all the time. The thought crosses their minds every once so often. Its the ones that can control it that end up not cheating. Forgive me if I’m wrong, I’m not a man but that is my opinion

    • Thanks for your comment. That thing in them that makes men want to cheat is in between their legs, as I pointed out. Let me just say what they probably think about all the time is sex, not so much cheating on their partner. Control is by the grace of God but also we have to bail out of certain situations before they get sticky.

  3. Wow! I don’t know that I like your new look blog. 🙁 Where is the jolly picture of The Crazy Nigerian on the sides of your blog? I was relieved to at least receive a blog post alert in my inbox as I feared you may have given up blogging altogether!!! What’s going on? 🙂

  4. All men cheat. Keep that in mind so you don’t hurt yourself
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