Not Suit-able for the Crazy Nigerian

not suitablePatience isn’t one of my strong suits but I’ve been forced in recent times to take a crash course from none other than my last tailor fashion designer.

Once upon a time (time time) my fashion designer came by recommendation. I looked up his Instagram handle and thought, ‘Hmm, these suits bag a lot of swag!’ so I decided to give him a call. A few measurements and two weeks later I was adorned in a fitted suit that got the compliments rolling from both friends and enemies. Vanity set in early as I had two suits made at once. Why on earth did I go ahead and ask for a third? Well you can never have too many suits unless of course your fashion designer deems you unfit for them. This was my unfortunate situation.

A suit that normally took two weeks became an anomaly – 2 months to be specific. I’ve never sent so many whatsapp chats and made so many calls to one individual for my own suit which I paid for. The worst part is that after initially picking my calls and giving (un)believable excuses he eventually stopped picking my calls and responding to my Whatsapp messages but didn’t he know I could read between the lines? No, literally I could see the blue lines in the chat which meant he had received and read my message!

Short of calling a search party for this guy (because I had no clue where his workshop was) I even considered going on a dry fast – yes it had gotten to that. By some stroke of pure luck he picked up one of my calls from another phone number and he promised to deliver my suit. He delivered the suit alright at my place but the trousers were Billie Jean short so of course I told him to beat it (pun intended) and extend them by another inch at least. Unknown to me I had just extended my delivery period to infinity.

After 2 additional weeks of wondering whether I was meant to wear the jacket over my boxers to work I eventually put a call to the friend who referred me. I don’t know what magic or ‘jazz’ she used but after I called her, the fashion deserter designer delivered the trousers to my office same day! Did she threaten him? Abi I should ask Don Jazzy for the formula?

The Crazy Nigerian’s Final Thought: Readers, don’t make promises you can’t keep. If you’re a fashion designer then don’t leave your customers half-naked. Sew the whole cloth and deliver on time. A stitch in time saves nine bloggers from tarnishing your image on social media. What have been your experiences with tailors/fashion designers – Good? Bad? Ugly? I’m desperately on the lookout for one so holla! Till the next article, take care of yourselves and each other 😉

2 thoughts on “Not Suit-able for the Crazy Nigerian

  1. At least you can wear the suits. I kick myself each time the aso ebi bug bites and I find a tailor only to pay the same price for a nice department store dress for a piece of unwearable crap


    • Lol! Poor you o…but we may be onto something here – Naija Tailors in America now showing on FOX …I can see it now #lightscameraaction

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