Christy Essien Igbokwe, rest in peace

Usually when you hear an artist’s music being played back to back all morning on Rhythm 93.7fm (Nigeria’s local radio station) you know that artist has passed away. Hearing her memorable songs today is a stark reminder of her early departure.

For as long as I can remember, Nigeria’s Lady of Songs earned the unique accolade with her infectious lyrics and melodies. Aunty Christy (as I referred to her) was one of the closest family friends I had. She was also the first celebrity I ever met as a kid. Her music was played at virtually every party I attended (both kiddies and adult/parents) during the Eighties. She was on the radio and on TV constantly churning out hit after hit. It’s almost like she followed you everywhere you went.

I looked forward to going to her house every other Sunday to play with her sons. Her first son Obiora is like the brother I never had and some members of the public were convinced that we were related. She was like her home – full of life, excitement and  warmth. Only God knows why she had to go so soon.

The sad news of her death would definitely bring her family members and friends ever closer together. Her ‘Mother to Child’ advice in her classic song ‘Omo mi Seun Rere’ would always ring in my ear and stay embedded deep in my heart.

There will never be anyone like you Aunty Christy…

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