It’s time for your Mid-Year Self Appraisal

Did you achieve your goals in 2010? Did you set any goals in the first place? Do you even know what a goal is? (I’m just kidding) Have you made any bold moves this year? (and I’m not talking Blackberry upgrades, though you’d score brownie points with me). We’re already halfway through 2011 but it’s not too late to do an analysis of what you’ve achieved so far and making any necessary improvements. It’s time for a mid-year self appraisal…not in relation to your job alone but in relation to every aspect of your life.

Not everyone keeps a diary but if you did then you would probably have your ambitious new year resolution(s) written in one of the January 2011 pages. These may serve as goals which you have set for yourself e.g To fit into a size 8 dress; To move into your own house; To become the President of the United States of America – not so ambitious now when you think about it, right? (Jesse Jackson will hate this blog post I’m sure). Below is a short questionnaire you can complete before setting your goals for the remaining 6 months. Choose the most suitable option for each question. N.B – Don’t be scared; there are no wrong answers and anonymity is assured. 

I hope that these questions have got you thinking about what you really want in life. I also strongly recommend the following books: How to ruin your life by 40 which was given to me by a friend of my Aunt; and In Pursuit Of Purpose which was given to me by my brother-in-law. These books have helped to rid me of the laissez-faire attitude to life that I once had.

Life is a journey so enjoy the ride 🙂   

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