Top 5 Highly Anticipated Action Movies (2011)

With movies like Green Lantern, Thor and X-Men First Class already in circulation, there is a host of others due to be released before the end of the year. Here are the top 5 I’m willing to sell my dog for:

1.Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol – Tom Cruise must be flipping the bird to all those Anti-Scientologist hating (and of course Sofa-trampoline mocking) fans out there. After speculations of possible replacements for the Ethan Hunt role, the hunt finally came back full circle – I guess Tom Cruise’s shoes are almost impossible to fill (excuse the pun). The trailer does more than just whet your appetite – It makes you want to climb up the tallest skyscraper and make a ridiculously dangerous swoop round to another building with nothing but a dodgy bungee cord and balls of steel (well, I’m not THAT crazy). I guess the director was somehow inspired by the Bond movie ‘Casino  Royale’ – this could easily have been a 007 movie. Two words: CAN’T WAIT! 

2. Immortals – Ever heard of Henry Cavill? Well if you can remember a time when few people knew who Gerard Butler was until ‘300’ blew us out of our minds, you’ll probably soon have Henry embedded in your minds after watching this trailer. The British-born actor looks set to make tidal waves in Hollywood and end his unlucky streak. This movie is easily a fusion of ‘300’ and ‘Clash of the Titans’ (the sh#%ty remake with Sam Worthington…all he had to do was NOT shave his frigging head!). Mickey Rourke’s inclusion in the film helps give it that A-list status, thanks to his brilliant performance in ‘Sin City’. CGI does rear its ugly digital head in this adrenaline-charged epic…but who’s complaining. Two words: 3-D GLASSES!

3. Cowboys and Aliens – If you think this title is somewhat…I’m looking for the most appropriate word here…predictable, then guess what – it is! And even more predictable is the fact that the Cowboys would most certainly defeat all but one alien who has already been forced by the director to sign a binding contract to reappear in the sequel aptly titled, ‘Cowboys and Aliens: Texas Showdown‘. This movie looks like a cross between Men In Black and er…The Good (Daniel Craig), the Bad (Aliens) and the Ugly (Harrison Ford). Watchability looks very promising and you just can’t help but hope that Clint Eastwood does a cameo (wishful thinking, I know). Two words: SADDLE UP! 


4. Captain America: The First Avenger – Since the recent release of Green Lantern, comic book fans have been feigning for a quick ‘superhero’ fix…and apparently, so did Chris Evans in the movie before he went from puny to ‘Arnie’ in 3 seconds flat. DC Comics have outdone themselves this time around and I dare say that it looks more impressive than the bombshell that was Superman Returns. This is as patriotic as a superhero can get and I think Wonder Woman should appear in the sequel. Marriage could follow at the end. Two words: Aye Aye!

5. Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon – On to the last but not the least of my top 5 list (phew!). Shia Lebouf is back with his allies (more like alloys) in this rip-roaring reel of colossal mayhem. In my opinion the humans in the movie just seem to be in the way most of the time – you want to see the ROBOTS! (which is more than I can say for the poor actors who have to stay at a blue screen during filming). The first release was good. The second installment was even better. Only time will tell if this new movie will garner more fans than Megatron aka Leader of the Decepticons aka the Baddie. Two words: Optimus Prime!  😀

What movies are you looking forward to seeing this year?

4 thoughts on “Top 5 Highly Anticipated Action Movies (2011)

  1. You’d sell your dog for a movie, huh? Don’t worry, I won’t tell your furry friend 🙂

    We’re thinking of taking the kids to see Cars 2 this weekend. That’s not an action movie, isn’t it?

    Oh, well…

    • lol. You’re just as cruel as I am then 🙂

      Cars 2, at first, sounds like a rival to the Fast and Furious franchise but I know its Pixar so I’d say Cars 2 is an action Movie…action with a little ‘a’ 😉

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