Wishlist: Luxury Cars

 P.S – The cars speak for themselves… 

6 thoughts on “Wishlist: Luxury Cars

  1. I very much liked the Bugatti Veyron – I’ve not seen one before. I Googled the car and found the price, which explains why I have not (nor will I ever) catch a glimpse of one in person.

    • Yeah, the price is absurd. It’s my favourite car on the list too. I hope to have some “me time” this weekend so I can read more of your posts. Thanks 🙂

  2. Oohhhh I luv all the cars on here except the Range Rover (doesn’t qualify as a luxury car for me)
    As a chick – please excuse the fact that I don’t know car names (hey I know where my flaws are) but shouldn’t the new Merc (the one where the door opens upward) be in this list ? (I luuuuuuuuuv me a sexy Merc)

    • Posh Spice (David Beckham’s spoilt wife) owns an Evoque so I guess SHE thinks its luxury. And you actually like those ‘lambogini’ type doors on a merc? yuuk! 🙂

      Will browse for one and insert here perhaps over the weekend – at your service Double D

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