10 Day YOU Challenge: 9 Loves

Day 2 – Now that I’ve got my secrets out-of-the-way (and out in the open) I’ll probably go into some detail as I talk about my loves (I could count 99 but I’ll stick to the rules). Here goes nothing…

  1. He has been there for me in the darkest of times when I felt all hope was lost. More importantly he died for my sins even before I was born and wants me to get to Heaven. I pray in his name whenever I want something from God. I love Jesus.
  2. There’s no surprise that this next love is coming second. From Bran flakes in the morning to yoghurt and fruit, pancakes, bacon, sausages, pasta, cheese, pizza, fried rice, plantain, ice-cream, hotdogs…you guessed it. I love Food.
  3. I’ve got to have the slick portable mp3 players or the Nokia E75 with the fancy slide qwerty keypad. What about camera’s with in-built mp3 and video camera (I lost that after being pickpocketed at a boring wedding – boo hoo). I’m a far cry from 007 but I love Gadgets
  4. When I see the table I get excited like a little kid who was about to ride his first tricycle. Racking up the balls and chalking my cue is the beginning of complete isolation from the outside world. I could sit at home and watch game after game when world tournaments are on. Any girlfriend I’m with at the time has no chance of getting my attention (except with food, of course). I am an absolute sucker for it so much so that I blew 200 pounds sterling on my very own in London and even shipped it back to Nigeria when I relocated! I love Pool/Snooker tables
  5. Ever since I saw ‘monkey suits’ (oversized suits which make the wearer look like he stole them from Pavarotti) I vowed I would NEVER wear such (and that would go into my will too). First impressions count. Style matters. There’s a thin line between SWAG and SAG. I love Fitted Clothes.
  6. Clear white sands. Cool sea-breeze blowing through the palm trees. Barbecue sizzling nicely and the fizz from when I open a can of ice-cold Heineken as I recline on the long sun bed. My Police shades on a 45 degree tilt as I watch the action pass by. I love Beaches.
  7. The thrill of the take-off is the only thing that comes close to a roller coaster ride for me. It’s like an adrenaline rush as the plane thunders down the tarmac. Economy, Business or First class – I don’t care. I love Air travel.
  8. The Moonwalk, Crazy legs, Ballroom, Salsa, Ethnic, Yahooze, Alanta, LMFAO Shuffle, etc you name it. As long as I have to move my feet to the beat you can say that I love Dancing.
  9. This is my passion and I can only thank WordPress for helping me to keep up this increasingly addictive hobby. This is a no-brainer for those who know me. Fact, Fiction, Funny, Freaky…I looooooooooooooooove Writing!

What are YOUR loves?

14 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge: 9 Loves

  1. Oooh I love your love list =)
    Snooker & Pool are part of my loves – used to play so often ! In fact my house in London had a snooker table so grew up playing the game.

    • Thanks Double D! Now I can boldly peek at yours and see how different (or similar) our lists are. One time I played pool with a friend from about 8pm to 2am (it was a 24hr pool bar – that’s like 2nd heaven to me). I miss London (sigh).

  2. I’m with you on fitted clothes. I didn’t learn this lesson until I was in my thirties. If I found something on sale, but it wasn’t my size, I would still buy it and didn’t know how dumb I looked. The fit is just as important as the style and cut.

    • I’ve done the same: I bought a pair of size 44s (I use size 45s!) all because I was in love with them. One bunion later, I never wore the shoes again – waste of money.

    • If I told you I still haven’t heard that D’banj track would you believe me? It was trending on Twitter at one time and I couldn’t understand what the hype was about. I better go and hear it and see it is indeed Love no. 10

  3. Oh my God i love air travel too. i always tell my friends i wouldn’t mind taking off on different airplanes and parachuting back to land to repeat same thing, understandably, they scoff and roll their eyes at me.:(
    #2 I love cooking; funny thing is my mum wouldn’t believe this as i rarely go into the kitchen without some prodding from her but i actually do love the art of cooking. yes i consider it an art. food network, Martha Stewart, YouTube videos… my haunts.
    #1 I love GOD!!!. Cliched, yea but i really really do. I’m constantly awed by His benevolence and majesty. I hope to worship and praise him forever
    #3 i love my own company…. This is not to say im an introvert. No sire, im the go-to girl for ‘fun hang-outs’ :D. Ive just never had a problem being by myself…
    i would continue, but i don’t want to be ‘blog-hogger’

  4. Hmmm, i love God, food, travelling(most of my holidays include beach time lol!) for some reason i have failed to pick up pool/snooker. Not forgetting dancing(i am the family queen dancer).

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