10 Day YOU Challenge: 10 Secrets

Day 1 – I’ve decided to partake in this blog challenge thanks to my partner in crime Dazediva who chased me 10 blocks and eventually tagged me (thanks Double D). 10 posts in 10 days – all about me (shouldn’t be too hard). Anyway, I guess I have to spill the beans so let’s just get straight to it:

  1. I’m afraid of the dark (only after watching horror movies)
  2. I drink milk/orange juice straight from the carton (and return it to the fridge)
  3. I’m obsessed with round numbers; if I had N5,800 I’d justifiably spend the N800
  4. I sing off-key and fill in the gaps with my own lyrics if I don’t know the song too well
  5. I had a crush on my Chemistry teacher in high school (and I think she knew)
  6. I am allergic to nail varnish – my kryptonite 
  7. My chest hairs mysteriously took the exact shape of the batman symbol 
  8. I love food so much that sometimes when I sleep I dream of breakfast
  9. I know the recipe  for making the perfect Chapman cocktail
  10. I think I sat next to my future wife 3 weeks ago!

And if you want any of the gory details then you can leave a comment 😉

10 thoughts on “10 Day YOU Challenge: 10 Secrets

  1. Woohoo !! So glad I could be the source of your inspiration ! You can totally do it !

    What I want to know is ..
    #6 what were you doing with nail varnish in the first place 😛
    #7 just admit you manscapped and made the batman symbol
    #10 would this happen to be the GF =P

    Looking forward to getting to know you better over the next 10 days !

    Here are The Diva’s 10 Secrets (http://bit.ly/r30zXK)

    • #6 – lol. I meant if I walk into a room where it’s being used/applied (I get nauseous)
      #7 – It just grew that way, honest! Who on earth takes grooming that seriously?!
      #10 – Er…no. She’s a friend and whilst I’m going gaga I can’t read her poker face :s

      Will swing by your blog later Double D. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • You’re welcome LDP. Yes ‘she’ knew and if she wasn’t black I could’ve sworn she was blushing (come to think of it, I think she turned purple). As for #10, I got this unexplainable feeling when she appeared and it like ‘coming home’. Something else happened 2 weeks after (the exact odds of which are 70 to 1) but that’s a secret for another blog challenge, lol). She just may be the one…maybe

  2. Haha! I literally laughed out loud at # 3 (You know you could just add 200 naira and save 6,000 naira, right?!)

    # 1 – Really? (laughing wickedly)…maybe that explains the predominant color on your blog
    # 2 – I wonder if someone else has done that to you (think about it)
    # 4 – Someone’s been remixing songs, I see
    # 5 – (bursts into laughter)
    # 7 – Come on, you probably “shaped it” in your sleep (while dreaming of food….again!)
    # 10 – I think you need a separate post on this one o … you saved the juiciest for last!

    • Yeah I ended with a bit of a cliffhanger, didn’t I? (A bit like Africa Magic movies before the inevitable Part 2). If only the rule was 11 secrets 😉
      On #3 I just think spending the ‘extra’ feels better than saving the little on top, don’t you? I used to be an impulse buyer. Now I’m going through a weaning process – window shopping.
      Thanks for your detailed comments, Relentless B. Encore!

    • You can ask Awogbami. I can’t remember, strangely enough. She was short and kept her hair simple (packed to the back). I think the name ‘Miss Ojo’ comes to mind. Correct me please.

    • I contemplated uploading #7 but then I thought a goody-two shoes type of reader would go and report me to WordPress Admin for offensive material – that’s a good enough excuse isn’t it? 🙂

      #10 would be a good post once we’re actually married – don’t think I want to jinx that now. Hope you understand. Crossing over to see if there are any secrets you’re sharing…

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