10 Day YOU Challenge: 10 Secrets

Day 1 – I’ve decided to partake in this blog challenge thanks to my partner in crime Dazediva who chased me 10 blocks and eventually tagged me (thanks Double D). 10 posts in 10 days – all about me (shouldn’t be too hard). Anyway, I guess I have to spill the beans so let’s just get straight to it:

  1. I’m afraid of the dark (only after watching horror movies)
  2. I drink milk/orange juice straight from the carton (and return it to the fridge)
  3. I’m obsessed with round numbers; if I had N5,800 I’d justifiably spend the N800
  4. I sing off-key and fill in the gaps with my own lyrics if I don’t know the song too well
  5. I had a crush on my Chemistry teacher in high school (and I think she knew)
  6. I am allergic to nail varnish – my kryptonite 
  7. My chest hairs mysteriously took the exact shape of the batman symbol 
  8. I love food so much that sometimes when I sleep I dream of breakfast
  9. I know the recipe  for making the perfect Chapman cocktail
  10. I think I sat next to my future wife 3 weeks ago!

And if you want any of the gory details then you can leave a comment 😉