Why Women’s handbags should come with Google search

Have you been in a queue at the supermarket and had a woman in front of you rummaging through her handbag for her credit card?

Have you dropped a woman off at her place after a romantic evening and waited while she ransacked her handbag for her front door key?

Have you had to place several phone calls to a woman whom you had no idea couldn’t answer your phone call because she hadn’t found her phone in her handbag?

What is it with women and big handbags? Why do they seem to keep getting bigger and bigger? It wouldn’t hurt for somebody to tell the manufacturers to stop increasing the depth of these handbags because of the externalities that result from their production i.e. the shoppers queuing behind at the teller point, the driver waiting to zoom off, and the concerned friend at the end of an unanswered phone call. Wouldn’t it be nice if handbags in the 21st century came with a pre-installed Google search to help navigate inside the handbags? This is how I propose these special handbags should work if, for example a woman decides she needs to locate her wallet to pay for some goods:

Step 1 – Handbag owner performs a search for her wallet by saying, ‘Google, wallet’

Step 2 – She inserts her hand into the handbag and is guided by a voice in the handbag; ‘Deeper…Deeper…that’s it…you’re almost there…left a bit…’ (Well, I’ll have to work on the lingo not sounding like a Rated R movie.)

Step 3 – Once the voice says, ‘Wallet found’ the handbag owner can grab accurately.

Well I better send a proposal to the app developers at Google pronto 😛

13 thoughts on “Why Women’s handbags should come with Google search

  1. Hahahahahaha. You know, I often say I’d hate to be blind, because I can grope and grope, and the minute I actually look inside my bag, I find what I’m looking for. I just got a new handbag and once I had purchased it, left the store, and transferred all my worldly possessions from old bag to new bag (yes, even the kitchen sink), I realised that the cloth lining of the bag was BLACK. How on EARTH am I going to find a black purse, black glasses case, black ANYTHING in a black handbag. Maybe instead of Google search, handbags should come fitted with an interior light.

    • I like the interior light idea but if you don’t remember which one of the 100 compartments you put your black purse in then it kinda defeats the purpose (me thinks). Any mechanism that can navigate your hand to the precise point where your purse would be faster 😛

      Lol at transferring all my worldly possessions from old bag to new bag. I guess every single item is necessary and you can never be too prepared. As a man I’ll probably never understand the allure for organized chaos 🙂

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