Time to give back

watchfaceTime has been more like a distant relative to me in recent times. I plan to leave the office around 5.30 pm but no matter how many timepieces I have including my watch, phone and clock on my PC Time still manages to evade me and then I leave 3 hours later to avoid the unexplainable traffic on third mainland bridge. I had to consciously take Time out (complete with my Tuxedo) to write this post. I never seem to allocate a set time to read my Bible and meditate on God’s word. I do however always have time to order my breakfast, lunch and dinner…strangely.

So the primary reason I am writing this is to acknowledge the fact that Time is running out for us as each day goes by. Have you ever thought about what legacy you would leave behind? Do you want to be remembered as the person who helped others improve themselves, get out of trouble or accomplish their dream? I’ve heard where a pastor or a schoolteacher would say they would be grateful even if they could make a difference in one person’s then it would be a life well lived. Now I ask myself, what else is the crazy Nigerian giving back apart from his regular sporadic posts and one published novel?

Well I’ve pondered and realized that I do want to help people any little way I can. First of all I will be offering a CV editing service on my new blog Write a better CV for online guests who want to improve their CVs for that first job or better paid job. I will also be contributing to welfare and self-improvement lessons at CSI International ” social reformation project packaged to effect physical, mental and spiritual transformation for mankind”. I will also seek to entertain readers with my second book release which is still at the writing phase for now (but I’ll make time for that, promise). There are other avenues I could use my time to help others so this isn’t an exhaustive list. How would you use your time to make a difference in this lifetime? 🙂

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