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Time has been more like a distant relative to me in recent times. I plan to leave the office around 5.30 pm but no matter how many timepieces I have including my watch, phone and clock on my PC Time … Continue reading

Entry #72 – The 1 o’clock appointment

I received an office email yesterday informing me about an important meeting at my employer’s head office slated for Thursday. I rushed through the mail like I did with others (because there were always just too many mails and too little time). I absorbed the key facts – Date, Time, Venue and then carried on with my outdoor marketing. Today I even decided to read that mail again to confirm the floor I was going to (22nd floor…sure hope the lift is working). I was running very late as I got held up in a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam (and unlike most major cities, in Lagos Island its ALWAYS rush hour).  I got to the building 1.5hours late and was bracing myself for a reprimand.

Whilst waiting for the elevator I was conjuring up excuses for my lateness – ‘I fainted from dehydration’, ‘There was a road-block that was caused by a runaway cow’, ‘My mailbox couldn’t open until about an hour ago’. ‘Nah, they’re all too lame’, I thought. I got to the meeting room and met what looked like the aftermath of the meeting – people coming out of the room and saying their goodbyes to the host/sender of the email (yikes!). I took a deep breath and walked up to him with an honest apology for my lateness. But before I could consider dropping an excuse he left me dumbfounded when he said, ‘Didn’t you read the memo? The meeting is for Thursday, December 2nd!’. What was my response? ‘Well THAT certainly takes care of the feeling of guilt for coming late.’ We both had a hearty chuckle, at my expense.

What were my learning points? 

  • Read your mails very carefully
  • Honesty is the best policy
  • CrazyNigerian + STRESS = A whole lot of silly mistakes 😀

Entry #35 – Every second counts

save meI was going to post something else but just 3hrs ago I saw such a powerful video on my cable TV. It was one by the rock band Nickelback entitled ‘Saving Me’. At first you think its just any other video but as the story unfolds you start to see just how clever the concept of the video is. Now, I’m not going to spoil this for those of you who haven’t seen it. But what if life today was similar to how it was depicted in this video? There would be a whole new sense of purpose…A constant search for the truth…A new connection with the people who surround you…A desperation to make every second count…

What I’d give to see one of those ‘Second Counters’ over Robert Mugabe’s head…I’m just curious 🙂

Enjoy the video!