10 Voter profiles to expect in Nigeria 2015 Presidential elections


Nigerians all over the world would have had mixed feelings about the controversial postponement of the 2015 Presidential elections last month. V-Day activities formerly set for February 14th have morphed from Voting Day back to Valentine’s Day. Businesses have since been slowing down activities (as they usually do) just to play safe and be in a position to decide how the next elected leader is likely to affect their operations. The elections was pushed further ahead by another 6 weeks; translation – more anxiety, tension and suspicions of foul play have been set in motion.


While INEC have decided to use the excuse of security concerns to shift the goal post, Buhari supporters have changed their tune from singing and tweeting ‘FeBuhari’ to ‘MarchforBuhari’ I on the other hand have decided to use my state of sheer boredom to provide my evaluation of the type of voter profiles present in Nigeria and in what proportion I believe they will vote come March 28.

Analysis of Voter profiles for 2015 Presidential Elections

Pro-Jonathan: Those who want Jonathan as President

Pro-Buhari: Those who want Buhari as President

Ethnic sentimentalists: Those who will vote based on ethnicity

Historians: Those who will vote based on the history of the presidential candidates

Benchwarmers: Those who will sit at home, tweet and watch the polls on DSTV 

Result-oriented analysts: Those who will vote based on the past achievements of the presidential candidates 

Keep Johnathan Out group: Those who will vote against Jonathan but not because they want Buhari

Keep Buhari Out group: Those who will vote against Buhari but not because they want Jonathan

Bribe Acceptors: Those who will vote for whichever political party ‘greases their greedy hands’ e.g. with dollars, bags of rice, etc.

Change aspirants: Those who will vote for the presidential candidate whom they believe will bring positive change to Nigeria

The analysis above doesn’t categorically state who I believe will win the presidential poll but it clearly shows whom I feel majority of the Nigerians will be rooting for. What concerns me right now is peace before, during and after the elections. I therefore decided to share with you Security/Safety Tips:

General tips before, after and during election:

(a) Ensure that you stock essential food stuff at home.
(b) Stock essential drugs at home.
(c) Have enough ‘AIR TIME’ on your phone.
(d) Keep some amount of cash at home for emergency.
(e) Ensure that you have a reasonable quantity of portable water at home.
(f) Pretend not to be interested in Politics.
(g) Perhaps, besides your immediate family, do not allow others know who your true Political Party or Candidate(s) of choice are.
(h) Do not allow Political Posters, Stickers or Flags be pasted/hoisted on your house.
(i) If possible, ensure that you have full tanks in both your cars and generators before the election day.
(j) Finally, after voting, do not wait at the Polling Stations to physically protect your votes as there are Agencies whose duty it is to do so.

Tips for voters going to polling Stations nationwide:

(a) Do not wear colours related to any Political Party to the Polling Station.
(b) Do not indulge in a strong argument with people at the Polling Station.
(c) Do not go to the Polling Unit without your PVC or TVC.
(d) Do not go to any Polling Unit if you did not register there.
(e) Do not allow yourself to be used by any group to make trouble.
(f) Conduct yourself in an orderly manner at the Polling Station.
(g) Be objective in your conversation at the Polling Station.
(h) Accept the result of the Election in the spirit of Sportsmanship.
(i) Do not go to any Polling Station with any Union Bank Vest or Identity Card.

On a final note, I’ll be voting tomorrow and hoping that all Permanent Voters Card (PVC) holders will be doing the same. This is the only way civilians can have their voices heard…once every 4 years. The military had better dispatch enough forces to protect citizens and apprehend any miscreants ready to destabilize a peaceful voting exercise. I pray that God protects Nigeria, bring out His choice for our leader and liberate us from corruption at the top. God bless Nigeria…#voteinpeace

vote in peace

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