T.A.G – The Association Game

tagI used to enjoy these at school. You had a list of things on the right and left hand side, and then you had to see which things matched. Boy, were they boring. I mean you had such things as Oranges linked to Fruit, or Money linked to Bank (that’s like dead easy and basically no fun). I don’t know how stupid the teachers thought we were in primary school but nonetheless not everyone scored full marks on such tests….hmm. Think you can do better, eh? Try this updated 2009 version:

50 cent —– Bunnie

Kanye West —– DC

Mariah Carey —– Lollipop

Akon —– Hat

Nichole Scherzinger —– Rifle

Jim Carrey —– Hooks

Beyonce —– Combs

Sarah Palin —– Canon

Lil Wayne —– Pussy

T-Pain —– Ostrich

P.Diddy —– Mask

Jay-Z —– Sextape

Lil’ Jon —– Coacaine

Chris Brown —– Wire

R.Kelly —– Bullets

Whiney Houston —– Krug

Usain Bolt —— Cup

Hugh Hefner —— (Wild) Animal

Easy huh? Now here’s a run down of a couple of things that are currently associated with me: Dancing, Ice Tea, Gym, Black by Kenneth Cole, Slim ties, Fitted suits, Zara, Seiko Kinetic, Color-Cuff links, White Gold, Twix, Spearmint, Linen, Caftans, White, Blue & Black tops/jerseys, Skin-cut (or ‘Gorimakpa’), Converse sneakers, Cocoa Butter, Nokia E-Series, HP laptops, Bluetooth, Booty, Light-skinned girls, Jack Daniels & Coke, Michael Jackson, Phil Collins, Joe, Kanye West, New York, MTV, Big Brother Africa, Haagen Dazs (Cookies & Cream), Subway Deli, Soul by Hugo Boss, WordPress.com, Art, SkyNews, Google, Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, Matrix, Samurai Jack, Fried Yam, Apples, Almonds, Oats, Chery A520, Banking, I.T, United Kingdom, Oxbridge, International School Ibadan, Niger Delta Militants, Dirty Oil Money (I wish….) Bayelsa till I die…Crazy Nigerian 😛

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