Entry #49 – Reinvention

You know what I like about the beginning of a new year? It is a chance to reinvent yourself, a chance to forget about the previous year and all the mistakes and upsets that you probably endured but overcame. It is a chance to do things that you didn’t think possible until you were able to surpass challenges of the previous year. It is a chance to take yourself to the next level…after all, who wants to be in the same position (socially, financially or spiritually) year in year out? I hear people talk of New Year Resolutions but they’re usually easier to make than to keep. What then is the solution?

I find it easier to stick to something when I write it down. Not just on some piece of paper that would find its way into the bin later but where I would always see it on a daily basis. This would serve as a constant reminder of what I swore to uphold this year. Also, whilst its good to think big and dream big it is equally important to take small and steady steps towards achieving your goal. For example, I want to travel to India this year but its easy to let time pass and before you know it 2011 is knocking on the door. First step is to choose a month ahead when I’d wish to travel, research the cost of the flight and accomodation, check my savings and ensure I have a credit card handy. It wouldn’t hurt to ask any of my friends if they’ve been to India before so I could get furhter tips. You find that the moment you set the ball rolling just a little bit you start to gain momentum.

Everyone should have a mentor or role model. You shouldn’t be aspiring to be just like them but you should be aspiring to be even better than they are. It’s similar to the way parents would want their kids to grow up being smarter than they are. You can have as many mentors as you want: male, female, young, old, etc but ideally they should still be living so that you can monitor their lifestyles and make the necessary adjustments.

The only constant in life is Change. I, like Obama, vote for Change. Change is good. This year do something new, something different, something challenging, something inspiring and do it with all your mind, all your soul, all your heart and all your strength. Leave the rest to the powers that be and you’ll be surprised what miracles await you 🙂

3 thoughts on “Entry #49 – Reinvention

  1. Most of the truly positive changes I’ve made in my life have been a result of taking the “small and steady steps.”
    It took me a while to figure that one out.

  2. Woooohoo you’re coming to India ??? Awesome !! When ??

    It’s cheaper to travel from June to early September but it’s also pissing with rain ! and not nice pretty rain – I’m talking torrential monsoon style rains ! But last year was decent – it wasn’t sooo bad !

    Good time to come is between now and May – although it will get quite hot *ugh* or from October onwards. The weather is MUCH cooler. If Goa is the place you want to visit – its peak season time there till 2nd week of January. Anytime after that – you’re good.

    Come to Mumbai – I will show you around 🙂 and take you partying with me hehehe

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