Entry #42 – One man’s trash…

prism…is another man’s treasure? Well I’ve got a Nokia 7900 Prism that says ‘NO!’ – thats if you want to keep beating the life out of it everytime it freezes when a message comes through it. I can vaguely remember how I strolled into the Nokia shop barely a year ago, coughed out N70,000 (which is over ยฃ200 or over $300) and was one of the ‘privileged’ few to be pouncing around town with a phone which got quite a lot ofย  ‘Ooh! Nice phone!’, ‘It’s unique!’, ‘I haven’t seen this before!’, (Hindsight – thanks to you gawkers I didnt return the phone sooner to get a refund).

It was as slim as kate moss, black as Whoopi’s lips, had more colour theme choices than Amy Winehouse’s make-up artist (oops, I forgot she does it herself), and boasted more tricks than Harry Potter’s wand. Well I was tricked alright.ย  I was tricked into thinking an engraved Aluminium casing was mega cool. For N70,000 I should be getting at least Titanium, shouldn’t I? For N70,000 I should be getting not just 1GB of built-in memory but 3GB! For 70,000 bleeping Naira I should be getting more than a 2 mega-pixel camera, FM radio and bluetooth – bluetooth! What genius came up with THAT term? The next pushy salesperson that offers me a ‘BLUETOOTH’ will get a ‘BLACKEYE’.

I will not be ripped off again (Aaaaargh!!!) I shall not succumb to the…oh my…could it be? Could Nokia be entrancing me yet again with a nonsenical technological blunder utterly unworthy to be categorized as a cutting-edge mobile phone? Its so slick…stylish…kinky…qwerty…look at it slide…the screen is huge…how much is it? How much? I think I’m falling for the E75…shh, I just can’t help it. I hate you Nokia…making me spend my money…and in 8months I know this’ll be trash too…but for 11years now when has that ever stopped me ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “Entry #42 – One man’s trash…

  1. whaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttttt did you just compare your nokia prism to an E75. sacrilage. i’ll pretend not to have read that and suppress the memory with or without a therapist.

    NOKIA FOR LIFE and yes E75 is the way to go if you are into style but when it comes to functionality (if there is such a word), i’ll go for the E90 though a bit common now, it is still the business mans best friend. think about it.

    what was the article all about again? phew i think the suppression is already working. in about 30 minutes i hope to have forgotten about my visit to this site. lol.

    what’s up cuz

  2. @ Seyi – Nokia is user friendly and it wont take me 5minutes to work out how to send a text message. Once you start with Nokia there’s no going back for me

  3. Umm, i was neva a fone freak, so….. ohw wtf! For what its worth i also use a nokia – cant remember (or neva bothered) what make it is. But you can browse the internet with it…. i think. Teehehehe!

  4. I was never a fan of the Prism but I’m a die hard Nokia fan – through and through ! I couldn’t even think about using another phone .. perhaps that’s why I’m not a part of the Blackberry Crowd LOL

    E71 is what I’m using now and totally loving it … India is a bit behind with certain models of the phones – and it’s mad expensive to buy a phone here … I wish they did contract – pay monthly tariffs with a phone as they do in UK !

    And don’t ever think about ditching Nokia ๐Ÿ˜›

    • I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Nokia but I was once swaying to Blackberry when I got under some ‘peer pressure’. My lil sis gave in though and got a Blackberry Bold -TRAITOR!!! The Nokia E-series phones I think are the best especially because of the internet capabilities and contact storage limits – hang on, there virtually aren’t any ๐Ÿ˜‰

      My Nokia E75 is turning heads like a cork-screw and as a matter of fact I was reading your comment on my phone some hours ago after I got the email alert on my gmail account – sweet! Nigeria allows you to get the contract option but generally it hasn’t caught on so most ppl stick with pay-as-you-go which is an absolute rip-off!

      It’s Nokia E-series all the way for me from now on. Expect an international call from me soon ๐Ÿ˜€

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