Entry #20 – So contagious

First of all I’m not talking about a common cold. But what could possibly be more contagious than a common cold? I’ve done a little experiment in my office and you I can safely conclude that ‘Yawning’ is the most contagious thing – so contagious that the mere writing of the word has already started sending signals to your brain about half-closing your eyes and opening your mouth like a roaring lion. Yes, we can’t help it and I don’t know what good yawning does. I’ve yawned twice just writing this. As soon as I yawn while talking to someone, within seconds that person is subconciously doing the same – weird huh? Try it today and see what happens 😀

3 thoughts on “Entry #20 – So contagious

  1. I was actually gonna write a blog about this … there was an article on MSN about how scientists have not discovered the reason WHY yawns are so contagious !!!

    Great thought hon 🙂

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