Entry #2 – Steady on the Blogathon

It’s only been 2 days (since 21 Feb, 2009) since I’ve been blogging and I must say it’s increasingly becoming addictive. I feel like there’s so much to write and so little time – could a lifetime possibly be enough time? I have categories where I can store trivial stuff that I’ll probably look back on later and think ‘Gee, what the hell was I thinking when I wrote that?’

For the bulk part of my blog I’m thinking of giving Tips to Nigerians in Diaspora, as well as useful updates on what  may affect them if they were to return. Perhaps I’ll give updates on the latest Trends in Lagos too. That’s enough to keep me busy. 

The rest of my blog will continue to metamorphosize and I hope it achieves its aim of being informative, relaxing and fun (hopefully even, addictive). Now I have to go and face traffic on Third Mainland Bridge…f@#%!

1 thought on “Entry #2 – Steady on the Blogathon

  1. You blog alot!!! More than once a day wow thats plenty oh …so what uni did you study @ here in London ?

    Cool to read about your return to Naija ..me n my friends were just talking about it this morning. I have so many Qs to ask you …

    Nice blog hun ..check mine out …chow ..only been blogging for 2months and I love it!

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