Entry #17 – Sweet temptations

Ok, as some of my loyal readers would know (currently 10) I am an Anglican Christian acknowledging Lent, and my intention is to abstain from certain temptations in life. The idea is to meditate on God’s word and focus energy on growing spiritually whilst taking my eyes off that which builds a cavity in the soul.

Well I’m going to have to settle for having a cavity in my teeth because some temptations are just too damn good to resist. I mean, would you pass this up without so much as drooling on your keyboard? :




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3 thoughts on “Entry #17 – Sweet temptations

  1. Stop !!! this is torture !! I can’t get Krispy Kreme’s here in Mumbai !!! DjTammy and you need to STOP !!

    Besides I don’t think I can go through with another potential root canal … abstain darling abstaaaaaaaainnn !!!

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