Entry #16 – Sold out Michael Jackson concert tickets already!!!

I had a fulfilling day at work…tough but fulfilling. But that was up until I came back home to watch Sky News where I learnt that MJ’s concert tickets were sold out. I didn’t even know they were already available. I must be a complete moron to have slaved all day marketing for my company while some ‘lay-off’ sat at his computer logged on to Ticketmaster waiting for 15mins to lapse before going trigger-happy with his mouse…aaaaargh! Makes me wanna SCREAM!

I am the ultimate MJ fan. I own all the albums, pracitised and perfected all the dance moves (except the Forward Lean – I’m still falling over) and I know all the lyrics (Yeah, even ‘Mama-say-mama-say-mama kusa’). I got pics, vids, posters on the wall…ok they’re now off the wall, pun intended 😉 PLEASE, SOMEBODY, ANYBODY, HELP ME GET ONE TICKET BEFORE I DIE! HEE-HEE! SHAMONE!

2 thoughts on “Entry #16 – Sold out Michael Jackson concert tickets already!!!

  1. Oh noooo !!! Don’t you just hate it when the evils take over Ticketmaster – buy out all the good tickets – and then wait for the rest of us poor souls to shell out twice the price tickets !!!

    Not only do I like your blog, I like you even more now that I know you’re an MJ fan with almost perfected dance moves 🙂 nothing is sexier than a man that can move hehe

    I’ll keep an eye out for a ticket for ya !

  2. finally! someone who freely admits to have loved and still loving MJ. No one understood why I was screaming “NOOOOO!!!” on my knees…….. in the rain……..in a deserted parking lot…..with a torn shirt, arms spread wide, my head turned up to the sky contorted in pain (cue thunder). everyone was just like dude its only only MJ. only mj? only? ……..then they put me back in my straps and returned me to my room. the walls are so soft and warm…

    ahem, yeah i like MJ too. and its awesome his tickets got sold out. not cool i didnt get one tho

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