2011 Elections: Why Nigerians must register and vote

If you’re a Nigerian residing in Nigeria (excluding the enviable residents in Abuja) then you would agree that we have a lot to complain about; epileptic power supply, the potholes in most of our busy roads, and daily traffic caused by poorly planned road networks. Let’s also not forget the misappropriation of national funds and the high rate of corruption in general. What is the root cause of these problems? Bad leadership. In April 2011 however Nigerians will have a say in deciding who governs this mineral-rich country over the next 4 years.

It is time for Nigerians to stop the whining and quit worrying about updating their Facebook status. Nigerians need to switch off the Africa Magic channel on their DSTV Decoder and step away from the remote. They need to go beyond PINGing and use their Blackberrys Blackberries more efficiently by spreading the word, ‘VOTE OR QUENCH!’. As long as you are 18yrs and above you  are eligible.

I’m off to go register in the next few minutes but in case you’re wondering where to register and vote just look around you. Registration points range from most school premises (hence the closure of schools by the Federal Government till January 29th) to corners within Government Reserved Areas.  I’m not going to tell you who I plan to vote for but all I’ll say is that I wish all the presidential candidates goodluck 😉

Just imagine #ifnaijavotes


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