What if Facebook shuts down? Like or Unlike

Photo: nydailynews.com. Don’t panic! It’s not happening tomorrow but it’s supposed to  happen sooner than you think – March 15, 2011. Why? Ask Mark Zuckerberg. Apparently the CEO woke up one morning and decided he wanted his old life back – Good for him…Bad for all the status-updating, link-posting, photo-loving, note-writing, ‘socialites’ out there. There’s only 250 million Facebook users! We’ve now got less than 2 months to take down all the photos and notes we treasure so much before we lose them online forever. Is yanking out a $7.9 billion business really a good move?

From a business perspective it’s absolutely ridiculous but from a social perspective this is the best thing that could have ever happened to humanity. People could actually put all those Facebook hours to alternative use; Get a second job, start a hobby, clean out the fish tank, do your laundry…you get my drift. More importantly maybe the end of Facebook will force people into meeting their friends in person and not in some online event waiting in your Facebook calendar.

Facebook certainly has had a big impact on the lives of many. I wonder which other social network will take up Facebook’s no.1 spot. The tussle would probably be between Twitter and MySpace. I suspect Google might dabble in this area and come up with something like Googoo Pals. I doubt however that there will ever be a social network bigger than Facebook. Perhaps after a few years of settling down, raising a family, and watching the last of his kids move out of his house Zuckerberg may just get bored and think, ‘I know what I’ll do! relaunch Facebook…only this time I’ll call it Facebook 2.0!’

Your fans will be waiting Mr. Zuckerberg 🙂

Sources: Freakylinks.tv  

12 thoughts on “What if Facebook shuts down? Like or Unlike

  1. I hear it’s a hoax =/. Well i don’t believe though. Who in their right mind would close a website that is wrth billions ? Doesn’t sound right to me =/

  2. Is Facebook “To be or not to be?” …actually it doesn’t bother me at all as I’m not on it !LOL. Ok,I was a member for just a few months but had so many emails concerning stuff that was so trivial that I simply couldn’t keep up, and I found the site horrible to navigate. First I stressed about not being able to reply to people who wrote on my “wall” in good time, then I thought “what am I stressing about THIS for?.. there are other things in life to be running frantically after”(like real face-to-face friends, writing proper letters, visiting people, making phone calls etc)That was the day I posed a message and signed off facebook. I was never “on” facebook long enough to qualify as an addict but for many people clearly it does, they’d rather sit behind a computer sending messages to family sitting at computers just across town than actually go and visit each other.
    Is that “Progress”? Not for me at least. Hoax or not, Life would be better if “sometimes” we took just a little step back … we are in danger of isolating ourselves into little lives behind computers.

  3. I actually had to google this info because I had not heard of Facebook shutting down. The idea is inconceivable. It just doesn’t make any sense to shut down a business where you don’t produce anything (except the server) and one where you make tons and tons of money every day. However, the idea of FB shutting down has forced me to imagine a world in which there is no FB and I have to say that I actually like the idea somewhat. FB users (including me) can’t deny the temptation to be addicted to the social network site which invariably leads to less time being spent in more meaningful ventures. Like they say “Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”…so it is with FB. FB is going to be here for a long time…if not to the end of the world. We’ll see 🙂

    • …concerning the end of the world Lara, there’s also a Christian group preaching that the world will come to an end on 21st May 2011. I thought it was 2012 😉

      I was an FB addict 6months into my sign-up and after catching up with all my high school pictures and friends’ wedding and baby photos the inevitable happened – I got bored. Funny though, I never tire of blogging…go figure!

  4. Zuckerberg is a god. Okay, not really, but he giveth and he can taketh away. Shutting down FB would not necessarily be a bad thing, although he does hold the weight of the world in his hands for some people. It’s a technology and like most technologies, most people forget that there was life before them and that there will be life without them. I’m convinced that it’s a hoax of course, because the man would have to be certifiable to consider such a thing, but on the other hand, power makes people do crazy things. I have to admit that if I were in such a position, I’d shut it down just because I could. Just for shits and giggles. Masochistic to say the least, but it would be gawddamn funny to watch the panic ensue. I wouldn’t even issue a warning, I’d just push the big red button and revel in the fallout. He’s set for life financially, so any future money to be made is irrelevant, why not pack it in and enjoy the rest of his days? That’s what I would do. Any one who thinks solely of the money he’d be missing out on needs to shut their computer off and wave to their neighbour. Because real life is key to their survival.

    ::end rant::
    Tra La La…now back to our scheduled programming.

    • lol @ ‘push the big red button and revel in the fallout’. Ah Shebox, you’ve got a ‘wicked’ sense of humor (literally). I hope it’s a hoax cos some people have no idea what to do with their freetime (Blogging isn’t a bad idea!).

      I wish you didn’t end your rant so abruptly…More more 😀

  5. well shutting down FB w’ll not make any sense!instead of doing dat wy dont u add or create aother application dat pple w’ll still benefit from,and d’t think if u shut it down pple w’ll do somethiin better dan FB,and mind u b4 d innovation of FB pple are doing better,well d ball is in ur court!!

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