Sunday Soliloquy

‘Mmmmm….urgh…ummm….6am already! Let me just snooze for ten minutes. Not again…ten minutes already? just another ten minutes. Okay, that’s it…if I don’t get up now for church I’ll have to wait outside like the five foolish virgins. Taken my bath…brushed my teeth…checked my window to see if my annoying neighbour is packed behind my car…what should I wear today? Where the hell are my shoes? Oh, they’re in my car…that’s right. I know I’m forgetting something…I can hear my dad’s voice echoing in my head ‘the hangers! don’t forget the hangers!’…good thing I remembered.’

‘The security guard washed my car…I must give him something…I hate reversing out of this compound – it’s always tricky. Now where’s the change for this man…I can’t find any! Oh no…and he’s greeting me…I feel bad now. That will have to wait till next time. I’m going to drive like a madman if I want to make it in five minutes. Get out-of-the-way you daydreamer! The road is big enough for the two of us! Almost there…phew! lucky me – I made it. My favourite seat is free…thank God.’

‘Oh…a member of the choir is giving today’s sermon? Cool. She’s got many talents…probably knows how to play the church organ too. Good topic…not sure if she’s moving the crowd…but that guy sitting upstairs sure is ‘in the spirit’. Why does he always have to shout ‘PREACH!’ Doesn’t he know he’s probably intimidating members of the congregation? I don’t recall him doing this when he used to sit downstairs. Now he does it where most of us won’t see him…ah well.’

‘Offering time…let me get my wallet out before the usher gets here…what the…? I forgot my wallet! That’s what I had forgotten…shit! Let me see if my cheque book is with me…damn, it’s at home. The bag is getting closer…I’m going to have to pass the bag on…I’ve done it…I’m sure the usher would judge me…and here I am wearing a badge boldly stating I’m a member of the Committee member of the 2012 Harvest – I should be the first to give and give some more…how awkward. I don’t even deserve to partake in Holy Communion…but I will anyway.’

‘Looking forward to breakfast with the family…at least I didn’t forget the hangers…now what am I going to blog about next…?

6 thoughts on “Sunday Soliloquy

    • They’re for clothes – whenever the laundry man does the ironing he needs hangers for all the long sleeve shirts. I have a habit of hoarding them, hence my dad’s reminder to bring them 🙂

    • Unfortunately, yeah. My washing machine has been acting up from day one so I decided to take my laundry to my folk’s place for now – handwashing is not an option :p

  1. I LOVE ur stories!! Please share the links for the stories on twitter?! I’m already following u.


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