10 Signs That You’re Dating a Cheapskate

1. He insists on taking you to a takeaway joint on your first date.

2. On your second date at a restaurant, he cunningly goes straight to the main course menu in the hope that you don’t bother ordering for starters or appetizers.

3. Before making the order he keeps trying to confirm from the waiter whether the portions are filling enough for the prices being charged.

4. He asks the waiter if the restaurant charges for tap water.

5. He asks for a second round of complimentary bread rolls.

6. He finishes every single crumb in his dinner plate and starts criticizing yours with comments like, ‘Are you gonna eat that?’ or ‘I knew you wouldn’t be able to finish that.’ 

7. He tells you right after dinner that he’s tried the dessert before and they weren’t any good.

8. He pays for dinner, knows he’s due to be given some change e.g. fifty Naira (about a third of a US dollar)…and waits for it.

9. He leaves without tipping either the helpful waiter, the courteous doorman, or the smooth-tongued security guard who’s been calling him ‘Chairman’ all the way to his car.

10. He tells you he’d like to do this again sometime, and then when the time comes he offers to cook dinner at his place instead.

If you’re a cheapskate or someone who went on a date with a cheapskate then do share your horror stories 🙂

17 thoughts on “10 Signs That You’re Dating a Cheapskate

  1. Last week i discovered that tap water(rather boiled water) is available in restaurants in my current city of residence! I went to dinner with an old friend who was visiting, he kept asking for prices for every thing and comparing them with those in the supermarkets and yes he did ask about the portions, i found it a tad bit embarrassing but i waiter was really polite(he even demonstrated the sizes). I do admit, it is expensive to eat out in this city.
    All in all i had a great time and some times we have to over look the cheapskate element, most especially if you are not dating them, in my friend’s case i assumed he was thinking of his wife and kid back home.

  2. I went out once with an older guy – I’m 30 he is 40, and quite well established. He had been pushing for a date for weeks. When it came down to the lunch date (not even dinner), it was me who ended up picking him up (I swear I’m too nice – and he happened to be on my way to the restaurant). When the bill came around, he takes a look and asks if the tip is included (fair enough he wasn’t from the city) so I checked it and said it was – but if he wanted to tip our waiter more he could either do that by card or cash; and that’s when he asked me ‘how are you going to pay’ !!

    Being the cool diva that I am – I whipped out my card and placed it alongside the mans’ card. (whilst the poor waiter stood there with his mouth hanging). The bill ladies and gentleman was barely $35. Jeeeeeeeeez !!

    • Wtf!!! If I’m cringing all the wy here in Nigeria, then I wonder wht ht guy would do if he read this post! He should be ashamed of himself and take some dating lessons while he’s at it (unless his married, and that’s definitely cringeworthy). Great addition Double D!

  3. So is my guy cheap?

    1st Valentines day: got a card and chocolates from cvs in the afternoon. Then he went to acting class that night.

    Rents a room from an aging gay man for a pittance. Just leased a new car and the old man suggested that he keep his new car in the garage while the d man parks his car on the street…. Of his own house!!!

    Im going through extreme hardship and all my money is spent on a commercial rental car, but he won’t add me to his insurance and let me share his car.

    He keeps saying we will move in together but has not budged or shown any impetus in finding a place for both of us.

    Wants me to buy my own shampoo “because I use too much of his”

    Almost always eats at home and hardly ever wants to go out. Will always choose a cheaper place to eat like astro or a cafe versus a restaurant.

    Been going out for a year and never bought me anything but a calendar…

    I’ve had cystitis 9 times since I’ve been with him… Has never offered to help pay for doctor bills or antibiotics.

    Does this guy even love me? I know he’s a struggling actor and doesnt make much but I wonder. I don’t feel special enough. Opinions anyone?

    • Hi Sia. I appreciate you being open. Let me give you a real-life experience of one of my colleagues before I give my own humble opinion. He’s been long overdue for a promotion and struggled to make ends meet. His then girlfriend supported him and he also showed his appreciation in any way he could (buying small gifts, treats, helping around the house, etc). After they got married, he got a fairly used car but gave it to his wife to use. He’s since been promoted and has gotten his own car and they’re raising a beautiful daughter. Sia, my point is that they were sharing when the going was tough and are still sharing now that things have gotten better. If you’re seeing signs then it’s only right you confront him (nicely) and let him know you’re not happy. His answer will tell you a whole lot about the future of your relationship. And Sia, I’ve got a sister who’s married to a man who adores her and wouldnt hesitate to do anything for her – you deserve nothing else, please remember that 🙂

    • Hi Sia, Yes OBVIOUSLY he is super cheap but I think you already know this.

      Men who love their women WANT to share everything with them, in hard times as well as in good times. It’s their instinct to protect and care for the woman they love. So that answers your other question, as well.

      What is more troublesome is your statement that he has given you cystitis 9 times. As a medical professional, let me tell you that this is not normal. Has he been treated? He obviously needs a round of antibiotics. Is he also having sex with someone else? If so, he needs to start practicing safe sex or he will continue to re-infect you.

      Good luck with this guy, Sia – he sounds like a real catch (…..not!)

    • Forget “cheap” – He sounds like a selfish a–hole!!!

      I bet the sex is lousy too. Guys like that are usually not into pleasing women in bed either – they see it as a chore as they are just too darn lazy and will only do a bare minimum, just enough to string the girl along until the next sucker comes along. Bet he also doesn’t care for touching you much outside the bedroom, either. Bet he had a string of girls prior to meeting you, who were just as unhappy as you are.

      Am I right?

      I’m a guy. The person you are describing could have been me, prior to meeting my wife. I changed everything for her, because I WANTED to. She didn’t have to nag. All the others before her did. I didn’t care, because I never loved them, regardless of what I told them. So there you have it.

      Good luck.

      Ps. a struggling actor??? What are you thinking????

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