Soundtrack of my life: Top 20 countdown

I love music just as much as the next guy…who sings in the shower. I simply can’t imagine my life without this (the music, not the guy in the shower). I can still remember the songs my parents used to play when I was a kid. ABBA was among my parents’ favourites and they were reserved for Saturday afternoons at one point in time. I was having my own karaoke sessions with songs like Mama mia! Vous les vous and Money Money Money. Sundays were more popularly characterized by the deep but soulful sound of the legendary Don Williams. One song of his which stuck with me throughout my childhood was I Believe in You. Kenny Rogers also had frequent airplay in the Anthony household with the likes of The Gambler. But one woman’s cry could not have been ignored in my house in the name of Tina Turner who poured out her heart in every track, most especially We Don’t need Another Hero (Thunderdome). At this point I was thinking ‘we don’t need another record on the loop…anything else to change the routine playlist’. My parents did not disappoint. They were into everything from Country to Pop to Rock to Reggae to Gospel. But while I’d RATHER go into the lengthy spiel about how each of these genres of music formed part of the soundtrack of my life, I’ve decided to list my Top 20 instead. Please note that I did hear other songs whilst growing up, however, some songs just stayed embedded in my memory for longer. See if you can relate to any of these classics:

20. Kenny Rogers – The Gambler (Good advice which I abide by…when dating women, lol)

19. Don Williams – I Believe In You (I just remember the calmness of my dad when I hear this)

18. UB40 – Red Red Wine (Makes you wanna try red wine to see what all the fuss is about) 

17. Tina Turner – We Don’t Need Another Hero (Sing your heart out why don’t you).

16. Ace Of Base – All That She Wants (I can hear that ‘heartbeat’ intro…so much bass!)

15. ABBA – Voulez vous (Watch me strut my funk stuff to this track…Woo-hoo!)

14. Billy Ocean – Suddenly (Love the song, the video and the hope it gives to singletons like me)

13. The Mighty Diamonds – Africa (I remember my Uncle in Port Harcourt play this nostalgic tune…beautiful and timeless).

12. Bob Marley – Jammin’ (I used to hang my shirt over my head and shake it left-to-right like a rastafarian – what? t’was the closest thing to dreads!)

11. Madonna – La Isla Bonita (I had a crush on her…and I think to myself, ‘Why am I using past tense?’)

10. MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This (‘Touch what?’ I used to ask)

9.  Lionel Ritchie – Hello (*cries*…possibly the best love song ever)

8. Boney M – Daddy Cool (Let those violins pierce through your soul)

7. Kool and the Gang – Celebrations (Caprisuns and Okin biscuits…ah, kiddies’ party packs)

6. Tracy Chapman – Baby Can I Hold You (Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere)

5. Donell Jones – Shorty Got Her Eyes On Me (I see you…from behind my newspaper)

4. Joe – I Wanna Know (Could all Nigerians choose any other song for their wedding videos???)

3. Phil Collins – Another Day In Paradise (I bet he did after his first divorce…bless him. I salute!)

2. Michael Jackson – Everything he sang (my socks suffered friction burn from all the moonwalking.)

1. Israel Houghton – Alpha and Omega (sends me into a trance every time)

There you have it – a trip down memory lane from the eyes of the crazy Nigerian 🙂

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