My Arabian Adventure (Part 1)

November 18th, 2011 – 2.45am: It all started when I got a mysterious email from a secret organization, code name: EMIRATES. Unlike all my previous missions my objective in this case was unclear. This was ‘on a need to know basis’. My flight ticket, passport and credit card were dispatched to me and I was off to Dubai with nothing but my wits and head-gear to blend in with the locals.

A raven found me within hours of my arrival and delivered a message attached to its claw. It was written in arabic so I went to my trusted chef whom I knew would do the honors whilst fixing me up a hot plate. He told me that this was a suicide mission and that I should reconsider. He said it would require the most extreme level of endurance and determination. I wasn’t flinching. I was born for this sort of thing…I thought.

I thanked my culinary friend and set out for the desert where I would later face-off with a deadly ninja assassin before reaching my final destination. With the little cash I had on me all I could afford was a camel ride. It was a long uncomfortable ride as I wandered into the Arabian night. The compass on my watch guided me but I was almost losing hope as we passed sand dune after sand dune. A desert storm was creeping up and there was no shelter for me or my hunchback friend. Luckily the night remained calm and by the time the sun came out my adversary was within my sight. It was to be a fight to the death.

I got off the camel and the ninja assassin ran towards me brandishing two mini daggers. I was unarmed but I remembered my training from Jackie Chan – to always use whatever is around you…and so I did! I kicked a pile of sand into his eyes and gave him a scissor kick right in the nuts. I decided to spare his life and seize his buggy instead – he could hitch a ride on the camel for all I cared. I raced down the sandy stretch and prepared my mind for the ultimate challenge that awaited me: Destination code name: ATLANTIS.

On getting to my final destination, I had to use stealth in getting past the heavy security. I quickly changed my disguise and operated in my swimming trunks. Someone must have done an ID check on me because the next thing I heard was a siren, then a battalion of police officials shouting and running after me. I ran up to the top of the Ziggurat where I found the secret package mentioned in the coded message. All I had to do was get back down but the way I came up was not an option. In front of me was a 95 foot drop into a shark-infested pool. It was time to take the Leap Of Faith…(to be continued)

Source: TCN Classifieds

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