Lost and Found – A tale of happy endings

Lost and FoundLast night I went to see The Last Witch Hunter at my local cinema and even though it was 2 hours long and not what I had planned to see I quite enjoyed it (6/10 rating from me). Without dropping any major spoilers the witch hunter at some point in the movie was looking for something he lost – a memory. That took the best part of the movie but he was fortunate to meet a good witch who helped him regain that memory and ultimately unleash clues that helped save the world from the bad witch (trust me, the movie is a bit more complex than poor attempt at illustrating, lol). Anyway, it was a happy ending for Vin, the good witch and the rest of mankind except for the girl sitting two seats to my right.

During the end credits all ‘witch watchers’ had left the screening room but I was enchanted by the song by Ciara – Paint It, Black and shortly after I got up to leave that’s when I noticed something small and black two seats away from me – a Mercedes car key. I could just imagine the car owner frantically rummaging through her handbag with a million and one things that don’t necessarily have to be in there to start with. I did what any sane man would do – I handed the key over to the cinema staff to keep in their lost and found unit.

Just before leaving the shopping complex I went to pay my parking ticket which was a flat rate on Sundays. It was 200 Naira and I had enough change in my pocket. But as I reached for it I looked down and noticed an abandoned, trampled 200 note. I picked up this orphan and handed her to her new parent – the ticket attendant. What luck? A happy ending for me and the 200 Naira note!

Last but not least my dad traveled this morning and on arrival at his destination discovered that his luggage didn’t arrive with him. By evening after all the praying, phone calls and nail-biting his luggage was found safe and sound (probably in the lost and found section at the airport but I’ll have to confirm). Another happy ending!

In 2016 it is my prayer that everyone of you reading this article will have happy endings daily. Can’t wait to hear your story 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Lost and Found – A tale of happy endings

  1. All is well that ends well. I wonder why the chic was holding her keys in her hand, though. We ladies generally throw stuff in our bags immediately.
    As for 8 fears…..I even run ? away to kill a cockroach. Cant stand them especially the flying roaches……lol.

    • I think the keys slipped out her handbag (which I find a lot of woman leave open without using zips. Anything can slip out or even more dangerously, slip in! If she hasn’t gotten her keys by now then she’d have to cut a new pair or get her spare and pray her car doesn’t go mysteriously missing one day.

      lol @ running away to kill a cockroach. How does that work? Maybe spraying in one direction and running in the other could have more of an impact. Haven’t seen a flying roach in a while – best to keep it that way in 2016, me thinks 🙂

  2. Now, I feel so proud and happy with myself for actually reading to the end. How else would I have received such amazing New Year wish? I wish you many more happy endings too!

  3. All is well that ends well. I wonder why the chic was holding her car keys, though. We ladies usually dump all our stuffs in our handbags.
    And regarding 8 fears, I even run ? away trying to kill a cockroach. Especially the flying roaches…..lol.Cant stand them.

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