Inside Out

ultimate cleanseNew Year resolutions aside, I usually like to do a body cleanse to get off to a fresh start in the year – cleaning out all the toxins and unknown impurities roaming within me. I’ve used Castor Oil which tends to work fine as long as you have no plans to go out for the whole day otherwise you’ll need to carry an extra pair of underwear. I’ve long detested the thick yellow substance so I opted for something more pleasant on my palate. I’ve heard that using juices is a natural way of doing a body cleanse but I’m skeptical about having frequent access to fresh juices. Why not just take a couple of herbal pills at my fingertips, right? That’s why this time I’m trying the Ultimate Cleanse from Nature’s Secret. It’s a 30 day detox & cleansing programme which boasts of supporting digestion & wellness on the one hand while supporting colon health and regularity on the other – Well we’ll see about that by February 3rd 🙂

I just hope that this cleansing programme makes my system sing…

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3 thoughts on “Inside Out

  1. Good luck with the detox. I’m actually starting an elimination diet the sooner the better. I had to get a camera shoved in places cameras shouldn’t go recently and it revealed nothing special, yet I’m still dashing to the toilet as if I’d downed an entire bottle of your beloved castor oil. Hence the detox/elimination diet, and then followed by reintroduction of various food groups and foods. I am hoping to discover what my body intolerant of, and I”m hoping it’s not cake!

  2. Lol! I hope for your sake it’s not cake. God knows I love me some cake – banana cake, carrot cake, red velvet cake….mmmmm….red…velvet…cake…I digress. I’ve not had a camera shoved up ‘where the sun don’t shine’ before. That must have felt pretty uncomfortable :s Meanwhile, I figured I’m lactose intolerant. Days without milk works wonders for my system- I don’t get bloated. I switched to soya milk and it’s a lot better on my system (I’m a sucker for cereal and I have no future plans to substitute milk for water!). Hope your elimination diet works as planned, Yvette 😉

  3. Good luck, my friend. Castor oil has been my fav so far. Haven’t done it in a while though. I hope the pills work for you. I’m not a huge fan of pills. The juices and castor oil will do!

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