How to solve Screen Overlay Detected error…FINALLY!

screen overlay detectedFor those of you who use Android smartphones and suddenly received a pop-up/push message ‘Screen Overlay Detected…Open settings’ you would probably agree that it can be very frustrating, especially when you are trying to respond to an SMS or chat with a friend on Facebook Messenger or upload a picture to Whatsapp. This error message makes sure you can’t do any of that. Why? Some thought it was a virus, others thought the Android software updates had something to do with it. But app-arently the culprit could be sitting quietly in your phone. On 10th of August 2016 I too became a victim but by 11th August my phone was back to normal. Here’s what I did that eventually worked for me (recommended for all users of Android software ‘Marshmallow’:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Applications Manager
  3. Scroll through and look for an installed app called ‘Clean Master’
  4. Select Clean Master and uninstall the app
  5. Go back to home screen and restart your phone (side button)
  6. Try to upload a picture or chat and if a pop-up message asks for permissions select ‘Allow’
  7. On the permission screen you will be able to decide what services you app can access e.g. Storage, photos, contacts, etc.

Did this work for you? If it didn’t then get in touch and I could save you pulling all your hair out, doing a factory reset where you lose all your data or smashing your phone on the floor – I almost did 😛

Yours truly,

~The Crazy Nigerian~


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