How to attract readers to your blog: A post by guest blogger ‘Sade’

Can you think of a better way to express yourself than blogging? You can write about anything: yours or other people’s lifestyle, something you find interesting or even about fundraising. Consider that good blogging takes a lot of time, and even if you can potentially make money with your blog the best thing is to look for a job online that allows you to work from home to save time on traveling. Social media has been jam-packed all over the world with people writing to express themselves and their ideas,  hoping to draw attention to their blog in particular. With so many people writing out there, clearly it’s difficult to make your blog interesting and catch reader’s attention. Why should people read your blog above all the others? Here are some important tips to write good content and attract readers to your blog.

1.       Give them what they want

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This should be your first goal. If you can accomplish this it’ll be a win- win situation. It should be natural, with great meaning and passion, content should be a piece of cake, putting a personal feeling and  being able to connect and relate with the reader through your words. When writing a blog, content is everything; achieve this and you can move to step number two!

2.      Through your eyes

With quality photos, videos and pictures your blog will be way more attractive. Post pictures that relate to your written content to emphasize meaning and passion. Photos and videos are important to catch people’s attention whilst adding a nice personal touch.

3.      There’s no excuse for being rude

Offending a potential reader can be a fatal error. Take some advice and avoid blogging about politics, religion, or telling a big fat lie. Remember that offending readers (i.e. harsh or rude comments) will not only keep readers from reading your blog, it can also be penalized by Google shutting down your blog. Stick to something that is suitable for everyone.

4.      A groovy title is an open door to your blog

This is the first thing to catch a reader’s eye on Google, and it will determine whether or not a reader will decide to click on your blog. Think of something interesting, surprising and curious. It’s a shame to put hard work, effort and great content into a blog, and then no one ever notices it because it had a bland cover; your title. Before putting your blog out there, think of a witty title. Have you ever judged a book by its cover? I bet you have.

5.      No horsing around

I love bloggingAfter achieving your aim and attracting attention, don’t let it stop there. Keep blogging each day or at least regularly to keep your readers interested and if you’re lucky enough, they will come back to read more, so keep them loyal. Blogging can become somewhat of a commitment so it is important to be consistent, unless you are just looking for a one hit wonder, that is.

6.    Who is your audience?

Remember to focus on your potential audience. Ask yourself, ‘Who am I writing for? In general the best thing to do is to write properly, not using a lot of slang vocabulary so that any English-speaking person is able to understand the content you are writing. Keep in mind that using too many slang words and making a lot of grammatical mistakes can affect your page rank by Google.

Credits: Sade Adebayo

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